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i think i just took one of the best photos that i have ever taken.  so excited to check out the +The Google + One Year Anniversary Photowalk in denver this weekend.  
who is up for shooting some night shots in the city?

this is nine shots of a 27 shot panoramic (there are 2 more  rows of the sky I need to add to this)
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#panopoker mountains.  all in on this one, i have nothing better than this to pull out of the sleeve     +Astrophotography 101 group
#hqsppromotion +Carina Marsh +Marina Versaci +Tammy Boldt +Syuzanna Avetisyan +Mukundh B +Thierry Raemaekers +Rinus Bakker +HQSPPromotion 
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Sick!!!  What's the light on the clouds from?  Is it a composite from sunset time?
Stunningly beautiful photo :)
That is really nice.  I especially like the stars streaking in the water.  You just got a follower in me.
Wow unbelievable, that's an amazing shot really
How u take the shot ? 
Absolutely stunning! You should be very happy with this one!
That sorta look like Asgard from a far and or a trip through space going towards Cybertron! Lol
O.o OMG!! that is B-e-a-utiful !
Where is that!!! سبحان الله :)
Photo is absolutely gorgeous!!!
Beautiful moment captured in a still.
Nice picture, love how the sky has so many colors
+thomas o'brien what do you have to do with a camera to get a shot like this where all the stars show up?....Amazing
wow yar this is an amazing pic
wow where was this place it absolutly gorgous
Pictures like this reminds you how magnificent our planet Earth is.... Thanks for sharing your pictures 😊
woooow! thats all i can say about!
Simply stunning. An amazing shot.
Anywhere I can get a hi-res for my phone background? :-)
I love taking pictures but have never come across a beautiful scene like this! Spectacular, wish I had taken it ;)! Great job!
Exactly!! I loved the color combination
Just think that every time we look up at the sky, we are sitting on a little ball of earth floating in the vast cosmic ocean, like a spec of dust floating in the afternoon sun light. 
GOD!!! those r sm amzngly beautiful shots. your interpretation of nature just incredible man!! if i could do d job half as gud i would hv bin        on cloud 9. shots r real treat to eyes. 
Heartbreakingly gorgeous...!!!
That is an amazing photo!
+thomas o'brien Looks unreal.... But defintly its great work of art.... Eagerly waiting for release of the complete image....
Spectacular!! Well captured Thomas! : )
wow!!! r dey for real!!! cudnt think there 'ould b 'ny better den d last ones. butttt.... u surprise again. jssssst incredibly beautiful. hey wen i buy a house willl u let me or, even better allow me to decorate my walls with enlarged versions of your photographs. puleeeeeezzzz say yes. pleeeeeeeez. 
Great meeting you man!  My wife loves your work. Her personal rule is that all photographs that hang in our house, have to be mine. She is my biggest fan. However, after seeing your stuff...she was willing to make an exception.  Hopefully we can get out and shoot soon!  
Cool...I'll share a post w/ my #...I might join you tomorrow.
Amazing wish I could take photos like that.
This is a stunning photo, obviously. What caught my eye and really made me pause was the figure kneeling by the lake. I think this is what tells the "story".

I really think this is a shot worth any photography prize/award there is.
Impressive Capture. Good work.
Time to hang up the camera. This picture will cause you to doubt everything you do from this point on.

This is the most awesome sky I have ever seen.  Great Work!!!!
I am happy to hear that. Many aspire to a shot like that their entire
lives. Really impressive. Thanks for the plus1, by the way. Its my first
one.`s quite pain in the neck to shoot stars... good job
Wow, I can't believe that I missed this, same with the astrophotography group, I didn't notice it there either......
Shame on me!
I wish I had not had a great profile photo uninstall
+thomas o'brien, you have some amazing astro panos like this one. Mind if I ask what your pano stitcher of choice is? PS CS6 seems to do a poor job for me everytime. I've heard good things about PTGui Pro though.
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