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My hope and plan for the Vegas community, is for more of us to learn the craft of healthy dissent.
#1. What is happening in Downtown Las Vegas is wonderful. Having the opportunity to be a the ground floor of building a new community is a once in a lifetime
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How about the craft of beer making? That's a pretty good craft as well, and it can lead to healthy dissent ;).
How bout creating jobs for normal people?
It seems that all the entrepreneurial focus and startups are trying to turn folks into programmers.  Which is great.  But most people, especially the under-employed, un-employed, baby boomers and former laborers - will NEVER become programmers.  That leaves out like what - 50-70-80% of the populace?

You can't have an economic rebirth without LOTS of these folks benefiting somehow from our on-line economic universe.  There's a huge gap between where traditional computer skills training leaves off - and CodeAcademy and Udemy.

And once you've trained folks in these intangible job skills and convinced them that jobs of the future are virtual, project-based freelance jobs - then where are these jobs going to come from?

This is what our "Digital City" project is trying to solve.  We're looking for a place to run a pilot program - part technology platform, part sociology and a whole lotta cooperation between disparate silos.  Here's me in KC pitching the biz:

and here's our Educational Methodology:

and here's our Prezi "How to build a Digital Economy Ecosystem":

Any effort to get people on-line MUST include baby boomers, moms returning from having their kids, returning vets AND youth.  Especially under-employed recent college grads!
BTW are you the original, Photoshop Thomas Knoll?
different thomas knoll…. and, what you're describing sounds awesome. And, very much in-tune with a lot of the things going on in the downtown project. There is much more going on that training people to code. In fact, tech is only one piece of the puzzle. It would be awesome to have you come out to Veags and share what you are working on so we can learn from you!
sure dude - I'm broke but I do wear Zappos shoes.


seriously - you can reach me at: or 925-876-0475
How do you two not know each other already?