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thisis ABSORB
ABSORB //// MC / Vocalist //// grime / dubstep / bass / drum and bass
ABSORB //// MC / Vocalist //// grime / dubstep / bass / drum and bass

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Since updating my Google+ page with the first track, I've continued to dust off unmixed/unreleased tracks to add to my ABSORB ARCHIVE Collection which has continued to grow [with an upload every two weeks] in the final quarter of 2015.

The ninth addition is due this weekend!

Click the link/artwork below and press play!

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Have you checked out my latest interview for North-East based website Northern Lights?

Click the thumbnail below to check it out!

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The ABSORB ARCHIVE Collection is now live on my Soundcloud page and the playlist will continue to get updated over the next few months.

It'll feature demos and unreleased material so click the thumbnail below and check out the first track in the collection titled WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME [produced by Plastician] which was recorded and mixed in 2010.

Look out for more tracks!!!

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Check out my BRAND NEW freestyle video!

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Shout out +UKGRIME! Have you seen my #UKGrimeCypher video that I posted over on Twitter recently?

Click the link below, check it out and please GET RETWEETING : )

Your support is much appreciated!

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My thoughts on people's approach to Facebook. I just needed to put things into perspective and call out people's glass half empty approach.


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