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The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Caspa Remix) from ‘The Night Is My Friend’ EP released on 31st July. Pre-order now: #TheDayIsMyEnemy
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+The Prodigy Good for a filler but as a standalone track it's annoying and sucks balls. The original rules.
Never really a fan of these remixes, wish Liam would remix them instead or release 'b-sides' 
+DjGodaryD86 Methinks you need to get a better stereo or headphones. Jump to @0:46 and turn the volume up high with the bass cranked up.

I was expecting a more ragga grimy dubstep remix from Caspa, but this isn't bad.
+MotoErgoSum Not sure what methings is suppose to be either way nothing is wrong with my sound equipment it's just I'm not into garbage tunes made in five minutes especially not dumbstep and a likes. I know it's not really good to argue over taste in music but some things are simply too idiotic to even call music. It can be music for single digit IQ people with who I can't and wont relate to. Point is when someone can't do something right then the best thing is to don't do anything at all, Caspa, Skrillex etc are just one of them. Overrated nobodies, untalented hacks, all they know is to copy-paste random tunes and not even transfer and arrange them right. Some people don't even know about them and they are the luckiest. So yeah, I'm fine with The Prodigy as it is and these try hard remixes by individuals are not important. Heard it just once and it was too much already.
Caspa was one of the first guys making dubstep before it was dubstep. Not saying that excuses a weak track (and the original Day Is My Enemy track was repetitive as shit), but you might want to do a little research before you assume he's just like Skrillex.

Open any music production suite and see how much of a pain in the ass it is to create GOOD electronic music. It takes music theory knowledge, technical artistry, and a shitload of time. I've been getting back into it and I'm not surprised some artists just tour around for years before releasing new tracks.

Like any professional tool, one does not simply create top 10 hits from thin air.
+DjGodaryD86 "I'm not into garbage tunes made in five minutes especially not dumbstep and a likes"
.....So why are you here listening to it then ? You're right no one can argue about taste in music because everyone is different, but if you don't like it, don't listen to it and then try and cause a debate about why you don't like it. As for the impression that you feel "it was made in five minutes" that just shows your pure ignorance to the genre and lack of understanding about it. If prodigy are happy enough to put it on their own Youtube channel there must be something right about it because they wouldn't just put any old crap up... Just saying!
+Danny Gower
good thing i'm open to opinions....this is my favourite remix track right now....IT'S JUST SO COOL
+MotoErgoSum lmao you just went for a full idiot, good job mate! You are holding a music making class to an producer, learn some shit before posting idiotic comments. Caspa makes nothing, he was and is a nobody when it comes to music, it haves a following of brain dead people and that's all. Learn what actual music making is and stop trying to be an smartass because you're quite the opposite, just an sorry ass idiot who can't see further from his dick.
+Danny Gower He is here information wise just like anyone else, now go fuck off back to your hole and listen to some random noise that your kind calls music.
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