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I've spent the last couple of days playing around with my new Lenovo YOGA 900 convertible laptop. It's sleek and sexy, multi functional, is touchscreen and weighs less than 3 pounds or 1.3kg. My version is in Champagne gold, so I finally have a computer I can match with my outfits!

From a tech stand point its super fast thanks to the intel Quad 7 chip, has dolby sound and an HD screen built for consuming entertainment. It comes with 13.3 inch screen forward facing speakers and one of my favourite apps Share it, comes pre loaded.

#lenovo #YOGA900 #summermyway #Intel 
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Remember to look all around you for food. We foraged often when I was growing up as money was scarce, with wild blackberries being a highly sought after treat.

These blackberries we found beside a gravel road on our trip to New Zealand. They were sweet and tart all a the same time and had a substantial texture that did not breakdown the moment you put it in your mouth.

Provided you wipe off the dirt before eating, this is food-on-the-go!

#blackberries #foraging #foragingfood #NewZealand #Northland 
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Indeed it is and it's in places you know you've grown up loving even when you could have them in your backyard and it's wondering what you can make of them when you have an idea after cleaning blackberries or other kinds of berries if it's a lucky area for berries...thank you for shaing a great experience in New Zealand and hope the visit was safe and amazing.
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I love the little township of Mangonui in New Zealand's north island. Its very close to home and is full of childhood memories of fish and chips over the harbour and long afternoons of watching the fishing boats at the wharf.

#Mangonui #northland #famousfishandchips #fishandchips #NewZealand 
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Beautiful imagine and to think homely nice visiting location
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Tonights dinner was bought to you by the good folks at MY healthy kitchen. In other words, I created this delicious Bang Bang chicken salad in my kitchen ... and its healthy!

#bangbang #chicken #healthy #salad 
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that looks deliscous 
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This is one of my favourite beaches in New Zealand. Its called Matapouri and is in the top half of the north island, about 40 minutes out of Whangarei.

Pristine with golden sand, its safe for swimming, body surfing and paddle boarding.

#matapouri #NewZealand #Northland #swimming

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natural beauty
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Apologies for the radio silence... We've been eating our way through the top of New Zealand's North Island, starting with Fish and Chips in Mangonui. The fish was locally caught bluenose and was fresh and delcious!

#fishandchips #NewZealand #Mangonui #Northland #doubtlessbay 
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Have them in circles
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Who wants to join me for cocktails?

#holiday #relax #seaside
Menorca (España)..islas Baleares.
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Wow! Just my kind of relaxation, though you had me at cocktails!
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Im feeling very spoilt today! Had a meeting to interview a chef/baker for a position I have within my little company, and she showed up with delectable Italian style shortbread.

The proof is the pudding as they say!

#cheflife #shortbread #cookies #biscuites #dolce 
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Looks so delicious thank you for the post
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Fresh blueberry ice cream made to order from a farm in Kerikeri , New Zealand.

#icecream #kerikeri #NewZealand #madetoorder
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Looks Delish!
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A cruise along the Nile? Yes please!

#egypt #nileriver #rivernile #boating
A beautifull view by a Nile cruise ❤
Absolutely fantastic trip to Luxor & Aswan - Egypt 😻
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Marvelous scenery ...
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Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef's Collections
Butter fiend with average dish washing skills. Thank goodness I can cook!
Kia ora!

I'm Bridget, a Mother, Chef, Author, TEDx Speaker, New Zealander and proudly, Maori.

I vividly remember my first food dream.

I would have been  6 or 7 years old and I had seen someone on television tossing pizza dough in the air and swirling it around with the grace of a prima ballerina.

That night I dreamt that I could toss pizza dough high in the air and catch it with one hand behind my back. The next morning I begged my mother to let me try and toss some dough as she stood there baking a round of traditional Maori bread.

Unsuccessful in my attempts to convince her that I would be able to master the art of pizza twirling in a few seconds, I left the kitchen sulking, but still dreaming of how skillful and how high I could get that dough in the air.

Little did I know at the time, my lifelong quest to study and immerse myself in food and cooking had begun. I would spend hours sniffing the little jars in the spice rack, hiding the labels away from myself until I could recognise the difference between dried oregano and dried thyme, nutmeg and all spice.

I was fascinated by kitchen life and would read cookbooks like novels, memorising every photo and every ingredient of my favourite recipes.

I got my first job in a restaurant at age 14  as a waitress in a family run business ~ by age 15 I was running the floor of the restaurant and was learning how to cook from one of my talented cousins that ran the kitchen.

I was on my way. By the age of 20 I had qualified from Chefs school and have been lovingly spending the last 15 years cooking in restaurants, cafes, catering companies and hotels in and around New Zealand and Australia.

I  have been in charge some of the best kitchens in New Zealand and Australia including head chef for one of New Zealand’s iconic fine dining  restaurants ~ Number Five and head chef for  Bill Granger in his Famous Sydney institution Bills.

As well as working in restaurants I could also be found working as executive chef for New Zealand’s leading event company Orange productions and I am currently indulging my pleasures working as a cooking coach, teacher and live cooking demonstrator alongside one of the best chefs in the world ~ Tetsuya Wakuda.

I find motivation and inspiration by cooking at home for my darling family and friends, where we currently love and reside in the wonderful city of Sydney, Australia.

I take great pleasure in teaching  and sharing my skills and experiences with others who love to cook or wont cook! I live to inspire and help  create exciting culinary moments through cooking and teaching.

Your place or mine?  Your dining experience is my pleasure.

So thanks for stopping by, I’m so happy to meet you and hope to share some cooking with you soon.



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We booked a Saturday night table here for 9 and were well looked after by the team at Bau Troung. The restaurant is a slick Marrickville space on the main road and quite funky with its upmarket furniture and stainless approach. The menu is extensive with a large share plate list as well as multiple main plates to choose from. They are B.Y.O and licensed with a small reasonably priced wine list. We choose to start with share plates for the table and happily munched through rice paper rolls, sugar cane prawns, cassava with pork, sea snails, and glutinous rice cakes. All the starters were flavorsome and came to our table quickly despite the busy environment. Mains were large and filling including their famous Pork hock dish, a hot pot style beef and vegetable dish, caramelized pork belly, and a tasty chili chicken dish. The restaurant is clean and the staff are friendly and attentive. Without desserts our diner came to $50 per person.
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The argyle is one of those iconic Sydney establishments with its generous outdoor courtyard and cool funky vibe. Inside the large dark bar is a selection of eclectic sofas, chairs and stools making it very lounge like and laid back. On one occasion that we visited we had the all-you-can-eat dumplings on Sunday morning, which was OK. The dumplings tasted good but there just wasn't enough of them for the 20+ people that had joined us for Sunday brunch. My favorite dish was a plate of vegetarian dumplings that were especially prepared for a vegetarian on our table. They aren't on the menu, so ask for them specially. The drinks are priced as what you would expect from an inner city bar, so if you can get there for happy hour ~ do it!
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The Cassaniti family have been making Italian bread in Haberfield for nearly 45 years. Founded by Antonio and Agata Cassaniti the tradition of making top quality bread continues with their sons that now run the business. One of their stand out successes is the rosetta roll which is perfect for melting butter in its hollow centre or filling with cured meats and cheese for a portable sandwich. As well as fresh bread they also make pizza bases and a selection of classic Italian sweets. Must Try: Buy yourself a dozen rosetta rolls to eat fresh and a dozen to keep in the freezer for emergency bread eating moments
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It was an experience and a half to stand in this busy store surrounded by a hundred Nonna and an amazingly large Italian community all going about their shopping in a friendly almost community spirited way. People were stopping to chat and squeeze the cheeks of babies in prams, ladies were laughing and speaking quickly in Italian with lots of pointing and exclamation like gestures whilst the staff moved effortlessly through the throng of people offering assistance and a smile. Lamonica IGA a haberfield institution famous for its large deli counter bursting with all manner of cheeses, meats and deli condiments so familiar to lovers and protectors of the Italian diet. On the day we visited the Nonna were 4 deep at the deli counter, so a little tip that I hand down to you from one of the friendly staff who could sense my novice approach to the store ~ She suggested that you take a ticket for the deli counter and then shop the aisles so that by the time you have filled your basket or trolley with fresh meats from the butchery, olive oils, pastas and fresh produce your number should be about ready to be called. If you are heading to this store close to Christmas they also have an impressive selection of Pannetone to which they pride themselves on.
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I had the displeasure of watching a movie this cinema complex with my family a few weeks ago. Despite it being our local, I had never been to this cinema thanks to a a friend having told it it wasn't a pleasant experience for them. Thanks to a movie screening time availability, we decided to throw caution to the wind and attend this cinema... I mean how awful could it be? Famous last words. The cinema was not cleaned between screenings, the chairs were lumpy and uncomfortable, the cinema was cold and smelled oddly and the icing on the cake, someone had smeared feces on the toilet cubicle wall, that wasn't discovered or cleaned by cinema staff. It was old and crusty so its obviously been there for sometime.
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The look and feel of Chiswick reminds me of a very smart country club, with owners Peter Sullivan , Matt Moran and Bruce Sullivan doing a fabulous job at setting this Wolloraha eatery up. On the day that we visited it was a busy lunch service with Matt present in the kitchen organising the troops. We were part of a group that had the banquet menu consisting of wood fired bread, a leg of lamb and platters of multi coloured heirloom carrots amongst other things. The lamb was a little dry but had good flavour and I throughly enjoyed the hot bread with rosemary and parmesan fresh from the open kitchens wood fired oven. The kitchen garden was a nice touch too, though slightly small I thought to actually service such a busy restaurant and the antique, rustic decor made the place feel like it has been on this site forever.
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I simply love the quality of Paesanella fresh Italian cheeses. The ricotta and marscapone are absolute pantry must haves along with the buratta, buffalo mozzarella and Bocconcini. This 2nd generation family owned and operated business is a testament to food lovers everywhere with some of the best ricotta and marscapone I have tasted in Australia. Turn up to the factory at 6am most mornings with your used plastic ricotta sieve and receive your ricotta still warm from making. It is an incredible delight to eat it fresh and warm on a slice of sourdough with a drizzle of honey.
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