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ARE WE MAKING TOO BIG OF A DEAL ABOUT THE BEYONCE LIP-SYNCING 'SCANDAL'? Read more below about the discussion surrounding the controversy. Grio fam, is it a big deal if she wasn't really singing?
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I think people are making too big of a deal about it. I couldn't care less. 
Artist lip sync all the time it doesn't matter
YES!!!!! This mess is a distraction to what we as a nation really need to worry about. Who cares if Beyonce lip synced the whole song it doesn't change the fact, my taxes went up in Jan, too much money is being spent on war rather than the educations our children, people are still homeless and hungry. GET OVER IT!!!!

If Bey lip singing to a track is your biggest complaint in this present world you need to get your priorities straight! This just shows you how shallow and simple minded the American people can be because we continue to allow the media to feed us this BS they call news and we do nothing about it!
Yes Media seems to be looking for things where a POTUS event is involved. Whitney Houston Super Bowl performance was taped( I never knew it) and there was no big deal made of it
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