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'IDOL' JUDGE STEVEN TYLER APOLOGIZES TO NICKI MINAJ. See more about the make up below. Grio fam, what do you make of all the drama on the show this season? ->
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I am so not a fan of Minaj and I am openly and extremely critical on the Caucasian people with there racist ways and demonic nature but Minaj do not even have a case here she looks like a clown with a big Ol boo-tay (Well the BOO-TAY I like) screaming at people that they are racist how can she call any one a racist when she has not a clue to who or what she is. She and other Black women that ware blond hair looks as ridiculous and as stupid as a blond hair blue eyed Caucasian woman wearing a Angela Davis Afro. It is time she grow up, learn how to grow thicker skin and be her self which is a Beautiful Black Woman with goals.
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