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NFL SAYS BEYONCE DID NOT CAUSE BLACKOUT. See more about this mystery below. Grio fam, do you think this blackout says anything about the state of things in New Orleans? 
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I'm so Tired Of e/one talking about Beyonce'  I personally don't think Her Halftime SHOW was that! Nothing but V*E*R*Y vulgar! to me. It kept all men that are so HORNY/whorish on a rise! That's all I heard. And Yes! I see she's very beautiful!...So the true fault it in  is nasty! vulgar way? make you all that?! I don't think so?! Truly Keeping her and her show in the prayer. Cause, she & they need it!... She has a Zeal for GOD, but not according to Real! True! Knowledge of Him. Rom 10:1-13 .E/young girl that lusted to be like her. And e/man that desires her,(secretly) Pls give your hrt to JESUS!
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