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ARKANSAS MAN MYSTERIOUSLY SHOT TO DEATH WHILE HAVING LUNCH WITH BOSS AT HIS HOME. Read the details of this strange story below. Grio fam, what do you make of this case?
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This makes sense in America, especially when you look at the history of this country, but on a universal level this makes no Friggin sense. This is the reality we must accept.
1: Why is this "cute" and 2: why is this "a reality we MUST accept".  This is the exact mentality they want us to adopt.  I refuse to accept this as acceptable. 
@Ingrid, not a mentality that I will ever accept. But it is reality, slowly changing. What was true in 1970, is not entirely true today. I want to fly un aided, but the reality is I need help to fly. I want a fair and balanced world where I am judged for what I bring to the table, but that is not the reality.  I will be judged for my race, height, size, the way my hair looks, the color of my teeth, he length of my nails, the bass in my voice, the knit of my brow, any records I may have in life, my marital status, my age, my upbringing, where I was born, the sports team I cheer for... and on and on and on. It is not a mentality it is a reality, Hell as you just exhibited answering a question opens the door to tacit armchair judgement. I never said that I wouldn't fight against this reality. As a father of a 18 yr old and maybe one on the way I fight against it all the time.  I question and critique articles in the paper, I break down commercials, and movies. Both positive and negative stereotypes get my scrutiny. I feel the same as you sister ingrid, I too refuse to adopt it. But observing this reality and inferring based on that observation, and accepting an ideal that I have in my head are two different things. We both made assumptions I made the assumptions that I needed not explain my self more, which I should have and not be lazy. Thus ^^ this. Reality (as I see it Ingrid) is a thing that IS' everything else are dreams, and ideas, and goals. All loosely built on what IS'. Thank you hope to hear from you Ingrid. Keep me sharp.
GM Mr Che. Thanks for your response/explanation. I too fight against the reality as a mother of three, two of whom are young men of color in their twenties living in America (which is a scary reality) I too am judged by my skin, naturAl hair choice, caribbean accent, etc etc. I feel ya. Unfortunately we're always being judged/judging whether consciously or not. You never said you wouldn't fight, also never said you will. I read/re-read your response a few times prior to addressing trying to evaluate your meaning. It appeared a little dubious, I have learned we must be thorough in responses, particularly written responses. Much can be lost in the written as opposed to the spoken where tone/jestures/body language help relay your message. I'm glad we're on the same vibe my brotha,, because in addition to fighting against these realities I also fight against ignorance and lack of consciousness and knowledge. Stay Blessed and remember to Live Love Laugh. You're right things are changing and I am faithful that one day these negative realities that fall on Us...they too shall pass. Peace
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