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WHITE HOUSE CONDEMNS WAVE OF VIOLENCE IN EGYPT. See more about the administration's stance on the continuing unrest in the country. Grio fam, what do you make of the ongoing conflict?
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The US administration watching wishing for the Muslim Brotherhood!!!

Why???? even though their track records of human rights violations in Egypt before and now is terribly bloody???? The Muslim Brotherhood records everywhere they are is not any brighter!!! For example, the Muslim Brotherhood on Dec 2012 removed the minimum age limit for marriage for females!!!! This means a 6 year old could be taken as a wife by a 50 year old man!!!! Their reason is Allah didn't set an age limit and thus human shouldn't Unholy!!!!

The Muslim Brotherhoods are not nationalist and they see Islam without border! They don't mind dividing Egypt and give away any part of it in exchange for money, power and to reach their goal of establishing the Ottoman Empire that would swallow the entire Middle East!!

The US administration see the Muslim brotherhoods as its chance to take away Sinai from Egypt to give it to the Palestine as their new land!!!

Also, they are the only people in Egypt who are willing to give away Swiss Canal in the form of a lease to Qatar to pay back because it has been paying the bills for the Muslim Brotherhoods in Egypt and around the world including USA!

Further, Muslim brotherhoods are the only agents that would agree to drag the Egyptian army in a war that US staging against Iran et al!!!

The ex-president Mubarak did not agree because he was a nationalist and was replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood!!

The average Egyptian understands the big picture and if America didn't change its position it risks staying on the wrong side if history in the most populous state in the Middle East!!!

The safest thing for America and before it is too late is to send strong message NOW to the Egyptians that its stand for the human rights is not a propaganda used to just interfere in Egypt's affairs!!!!

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