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Grio fam! It's almost 2013! How do YOU plan to ring in the New Year? What are your resolutions?!?!! LET US KNOW!!
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I am going to block a lot of g+ people who post content I am not remotely interested in.  In 2012, my first g+ year, I tried to be interested in such a variety of interests of people, that I became totally underwhelmed.

Krikey, this is not FB... I don't need friends, just a few interesting, somewhat meaningful exchanges and exposure to things I do not know.

AND.... to anyone who wants to add me:  If I click on you and see "xxx has nothing shared with you".... then why on earth do you think I might be interested in sharing anything with you???

I wish you well... but I like my g+ encounters to be of value.  Otherwise I might as well read a book.

Love and hugs and all that...and don't be offended, but I am just too old to look at photoshopped pics of your fave duck.
I'm  open to all as you can see I'm  a pagan myself But all are welcome here.
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