great shot of +Jamie Foxx at the #googleplex  from today's #amazingspiderman2  hangout  - via +Instagram 
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Let Google Rule The Tech World Of Tomorrow!
Didn't know Google catered to racists.
Sun iz fake we r machinez ///\\\\////\\\////\\\\//////\\\\\/////\\\\\//////\\\\\//////\\\\\\//////\\\\\\//////\\\\\\///////\\\\\\////
Oh look it's Jamie Foxx @ Google! :D
The fuck he at where he needs a jacket and a scarf?
max goh
Hey Fox. Don't have to further promote Google. They are getting more and more damn now a day
thoughts doesnt really matter in what u see... fox do ur thing
+Samuel E I am very calm :-). Just gonna call him out every time I see a post about him.
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