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Nice! I can only do three at a time. 
Sometimes when I click links, my Droid will ask me if I want to use an app to open that link. Something similar should happen with Google Calendar. Like if I click a link to an Instagram picture while scrolling through stuff on Twitter, my phone asks me if I want to use the Instagram app to navigate there. Droid Phones should ask users if they want to use the Google Calendar app to open links to Google Calendars. 
DD Liu
Only at Google?

I don't think so. I used to do this all the time at the office. Kept a dedicated set of balls and a set of clubs there for convenience, along with some beanbags so others could try. Hell, I even rode my unicycle through the halls from time to time, once in one of the machine rooms on the raised floor!

And that was at a stodgy old century-and-a-half-year-old corporation headquartered on the other coast. 'Course, I haven't been with them for the better part of a decade so things may be different now...

Still, I don't believe Google has exclusive rights to fun at the office.
there is something to be said about the complete nonchalance of the headphone clad coworkers, the 30 inch monitors filled with terminal screens and, of course, the fact that this was filmed in a Google office featuring Googlers that make it something you would really only see at Google ;)
I just thought the photo might have been a picture of the guys who work on Google Calendar. 
put down the juggle balls and make google calendar look better on droid phones! lol!
I'm okay with people having free time too. We are all going to have a lot of free time soon. Especially mail truck drivers and garbage truck drivers once these self driving cars start to become reliable and affordable. 
+Rick Plavnicky apologies for my lack of accuracy.  it was really just my personal experience.  would love to see you riding a unicycle down the hall while holding a conference call on your headphones #awesome  
Yeah, +Marvin Chow, I agree, that would indeed be awesome. The unicycle was just a once-in-a-while thing, but the juggling was relentless.
+Matt Allen, I will have to check LG Optimus. Google calendars look a tiny bit better when viewed with the app.
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