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"Japanese dog owners think a dog is like a child," says Toshiko. "I have no children, so I really love my two dogs." Many Japanese women like Toshiko prefer pets to parenthood. Life and Style looks at why
As Japan's birthrate plummets, the estimated worth of its pet industry has risen to $10bn, with pampered pooches enjoying holidays at hot spring resorts, yoga classes and designer clothes
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Kerri F
Pets dont want to go to uni
it sounds totally absurd, if you don't have a pet. But just consider any pet can replace a child. And people, who own the ability, they should offer theire money for charity.
A pet can not replace a child.
40 years from now, these pet freaks will starve because no one's gonna feed them when they're old. 
So true gerhard. Songwon no dog cat or goldfish will ever replace the little bundle of joy you created. You cant buy a child at a shop can you
No, you can't, +Aisling Oleary.

And even in "this times of economical uncertainty" it is wrong to not have children.
There are families in countries far poorer than Japan, the US or Europe, and they have children. Lots of them, mostly.
Yes, they struggle to cope with life.
More than we do.
But they have the love of their kids, and the kids have theirs.
That's so much more than money can buy. 
+Gerhard Torges please explain how it is "wrong" to not have children? You realize that is just your opinion, right?
In most western countries, the state cares for the elderly instead of their family who did this in the early 20th century.
But when the number of young people steadily decreses, the state will not have enough resources for this anymore.
That is why I said it is wrong, +Rich Barnes.
+Gerhard Torges I guess I just find that a weird reason to actually have kids. I simply think it is just matter of opinion.
Agree, +Rich Barnes.
We grew up in societies that promote individual happiness, wealth and health, marriage – if at all – based on sexual attraction and being-in-love, and kids – too, if at all – as the ultimate (and last) bit of this happiness.
After job, carreer, car, house, 2nd car etc. pp.
But looking just 150 years back, having kids was necessary for most people. Kids guaranteed your pension.
And in many places around the world, they still do.
It boils down to real world concern, with todays economy, and the need to educate. its almost too much a hurdle to be a parent for anyone bar the top 5% wealthy and super rich.

Its just a common one
I agree +Dharmady Lim . Overpopulation is what has created a lot of these third world problems.
I am not saying loving dogs is bad, but preferring dogs over kids is insane. Sure, Japanese culture is different from any other I know and it is great how the stuff works there, but that's my perception.
+Nail Valiyev choosing to have dogs instead of kids is insane to YOU. Who cares how others live their lives?
+Rich Barnes , and yes apart from you I am not hardly promoting my ideas in the comments. If you think that way, it is fine, but not blame people who think different.
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