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How fast is your broadband? Help us build a map of Britain's broadband speeds to highlight the best and worst-served communities, and bring attention to the broadband blackspots.
Do you have a whizzy 52mbps or a dozy dialup? Help us crowdsource Britain's broadband speeds
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30mbps +Virgin Media here too.
And yes, measured on, I've posted a picture on my profile if anyone needs proof.
At peak times I still manage to get 15-25mpbs consistently, makes any BT connection look like a total joke, price wise too.
I'm supposed to have 30Mb (with Virgin) but last night it was struggling with Xbox Live... Check speed on as well and 2.6Mb download speed... Lame
Plus I know that if I needed it, I could make a phone call and get upgraded to 100mbps within minutes.
I'm pretty sure I'd actually GET 100mbps too.
+Aritz Sanchez de Luna make sure your wifi isn't on the same channel as all those people around you, that messes things up most for me. Took a while to find the best channel for the wifi, now works amazingly.
+David Pye already check that, I even tried connecting with Ethernet cable directly to the router and same speed... It got better after a while but is still annoying not being able to upload some documents to Google Drive and play CoD at the same time
I can imagine that is annoying, not sure I can help with anything more though to be honest. Try tweeting them, they're VERY responsive on Twitter and you don't end up sitting on hold.
+Dick Thomas check if you can get fibre in your area, sky are doing fibre broadband now..
Already called, they made me upgrade the router's firmware, thing that I did before calling, I work on IT so I think I have a fare idea of how to deal with it and the reasons they gave us were a little bit stupid to be honest, but according to them from today it should be fine :p let's see
+Travis Koger thanks - would be ace if you could use the form (click the link) to fill out this info so we can map it!
+Aritz Sanchez de Luna just tried a few more speed tests myself on and noticed a huge difference in speeds dependant on server. If I let it choose "Best Server by Ping" sure enough I get 15-20ms ping, but much lower speeds (10-15mpbs) but if I choose somewhere like Leeds for the server, I get much higher ping (50ms ish) but the sort of speeds I would expect to get (30mbps). Try the speedtest again but select Leeds as your server and see what you get, although it sounds like maybe you have more problems than just speed, but still...
Contention ratio folks...ask your ISP... online speed tests rubbish IE dependent on server
+David Pye I tried with different servers and got different speeds on every server, but they were all low. I'll give it another go tonight, I'll post the results :p
+seamus williams yes, measure it regularly, it averages at about 42-47mbps, but this depends heavily on the time. For example on Saturday nights it can drop right down to a paltry 20mbps. =P

+The Guardian Will do. edit: Done!
I didn't mention the free upgrade to 120mb that Virgin are giving us by October... you know, because it isn't here yet. :)
Applied Route Flap Damping Policy conformant to RIPE ...FOR GODS SAKE ...BGP...THE GUARDIAN! Kiss my ass travis ;-)
Virgin are actually the best ISP in the UK..SHAME not down south cabling
lol ..100m from the A49.. indeed Sky are crap routing policy issue
get youself a copy of linux no virus friendly people and dont pay for upgrades every year..steer clear of apple
Ubuntu is a good choice for developers too.
+Ubuntu is just an all round good choice. Not that it's not worth trying out other distributions if you're so inclined, but I always end up coming back to Ubuntu.
I hope what is happening in computing will happen in politics and economy as well.
never had a virus in 10yrs Linux ...says it all..Linus Torvalds you are a legend!
When checking don't forget that the optimum speed will be attained on a hard wire connection, i.e. via an ethernet cable. Lots of people use wireless enabled laptops these days and there will be an enevitable trade off in the speed results that you discover. Why not try both and see how effective your wireless connection is in comparison.

Oh and as for Linux, just set up dual boot with Linux Mint 12 (Ubuntu derived) and lovin it ... wonder how long it will be before I switch completely? ':¬D
Not long hopefully for switch 2 linux ;-)good post by the way!
Thanks - and to use an old adage from the historical archives 'It'll all be over by Christmas' ... I'm sure it won't take me 4 years though!. :)
Nice map simple questions though...Are government targets enough to make Britain a world leading internet economy? NO!
Britain hasn't got a backbone provider...BT lol...Virgin giving it a go! Europe is miles ahead with cabling..paid for by us!
11mps on sky in lancaster, 0.7 upload- according to speed test anyway...
IPv6 - The Future of the Internet aint seen nothing yet speed ways folks ;-) Routing tables will become far less complex, which will enable higher performance for Internet traffic and more bandwidth for additional communication.
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