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Malcolm Turnbull's gazillion ways to avoid metadata laws | The Roast with +Guardian Australia

The Australian government's metadata laws have passed the Senate, so who better to break it down than The Roast's ranting Mark Humphries?

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The world's largest record collection ►

Meet Zero Freitas, Brazilian bus magnate and owner of the world's largest vinyl record collection.
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Inspired by his mother, Freitas started collecting with a Roberto Carlos record in 1965 and has gone on to amass another six million more, including hundreds of copies of the same albums. Last November alone he purchased a million records.

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...Soup Dragons, babe!
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The co-pilot of the Airbus A320 that crashed on Tuesday, killing 150 people, appears to have deliberately flown the plane into a mountain after locking the flight commander out of the cockpit.
Prosecutor in France says there are strong signs that the co-pilot crashed the plane deliberately
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+Tyrone Blackman
No all the people are in pieces it's awful
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Let's kick oil while the price is down - Naomi Klein | Comment is Free ►

Climate change should be a catalyst for a major change, but we're not treating it as a real emergency.
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Naomi Klein believes that capitalism is at war with the climate, but she says sometimes it gives us a gift – the sudden drop in oil prices. So let's not blow what could be our best chance to prevent catastrophic global warming

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This is not a shock though. Oil price has been lower than it is today.  It didn't cause a shock then and it won't this time.  The current oversupply won't last, it will be consumed in the coming years by growth in developing parts of the world.  Those developing parts are not going to pay for expensive renewable energy to power their projects, not when they can have cheap fossil energy and complete projects faster.  Once supply is re-balanced the oil price will climb back to near $100.  It's already recovered to $60; the steady climb back up is already underway. 
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Immigration: the big lie - Mehdi Hasan | Comment is Free

Mehdi Hasan argues that the so-called immigration debate is now toxically out of control.

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A quarter of Britons think the government should encourage immigrants and their families to leave. That's people like Mehdi Hasan. He argues that while hostility to outsiders may not be a new phenomenon, the so-called immigration debate is now toxically out of control. Anti-immigration sentiment isn't a result of increased immigration, but fear and prejudice.

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That is the question 
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Steven Gerrard sent off for stamp on Herrera | Brick-by-brick ►

A brick-by-brick reconstruction of the red card which Liverpool's long-standing and out-going captain Steven Gerrard received within 40 seconds of being substituted on against Manchester United. During his brief cameo he put in a hard challenge on Juan Mata, before stamping on Ander Herrera's leg and receiving his marching orders.

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+Liverpool FC +Manchester United #lfc #mufc #liverpoolfc #manchesterunited #football
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that real
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Bowe Bergdahl: exclusive footage days before capture by the Taliban ►

US army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl released by the Taliban in 2014 has been formally charged with desertion.
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In exclusive footage filmed by Sean Smith in eastern Afghanistan, see Bergdahl in 2009 days before his capture by the Taliban at the small base he was stationed at. His fellow soldiers are filmed questioning the overall purpose of their mission.

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moi je voulais le disque pour m enmuser
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This week's Watch Me Date | Angela & Linda

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Private chef Linda wants to have a baby – and very soon. Angela, a vet, is hoping to meet an 'optimistic open-book'. But will photos of Linda's dog be the way to a vet's heart? And how will this compare to Linda's previous disastrous blind date? Watch Angela and Linda's encounter, filmed using Google Glass.

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Me as in my?
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The Guardian

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Just a quick update: The supreme court has cleared the way for the publication of secret letters written by Prince Charles to ministers, declaring that an attempt by the government to keep them concealed was unlawful.
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Our colleagues at +Guardian Australia have joined forces with The Roast for a new series ►

Their first target is Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his first month of 'good government' and a sinister performance from Christopher 'I want it to be a surprise for you' Pyne.

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What is fossil fuel divestment and why does it matter? | Keep it in the ground video explainer ►

Climate change can be tackled using a very simple idea – divestment. It means taking your money away from companies involved in extracting fossil fuels.
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Here, Guardian journalist and US author Bill McKibben explains where the idea came from; why it's been central to any environment solution; its successful application in history; and the extent to which this exciting socially-driven movement will help add crucial pressure for change on business leaders and politicians the world over.

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#keepitintheground   #divest   #divestment   #climatechange   #environment  
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Solar eclipse 2015: dim and dimmer ►

A breathtaking solar eclipse was witnessed by millions of people across Europe this morning. 
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But on the roof of the Guardian HQ in north London, the view was ... underwhelming. A typically cloudy haze had obscured the sun completely before the moon had a chance to eclipse it. Skywatchers had been advised not to look directly at the sun, but on the roof of the Guardian, there was no danger of burnt retinas.

#eclipse   #solareclipse   #solareclipse2015  
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Where I live also was no sun even was not visible tv tower 
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