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Hey Jacob

How are you?

let's reboot this clan.

i'm going to do a series of map strategies

and save this clan.

could we get a sound off on members? who's active nowadays?

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i made this :/ i doubt anyone plays roblox, and i garuntee i look immature for making this, but whatever.

i made this.
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and now i present... how to write an SCP (with an example)

1.description and special containment procedures are seperate

2.use clinical tone.

3.for fucks sake use proper grammar.

4.containment procedures are necessary, and come first.

SCP item #: 3055

Object class: keter.

Special containment procedures:
SCP 3055 is to be stored in a hermetically sealed container. which is suspended by means of two electromagnets, powered by a nuclear reactor, inside of another chamber, also suspended, powered by it's own individual power grid, at site ###. if a containment breach occurs, all warheads at site ### are to be detonated simultaniously.

SCP 3055 is a blood borne virus which travels by land. the infection process is as follows:

stage 1: the infected blood leaves the last infected individual.

stage 2:SCP 3055 enters the nearest sleeping individual.

stage 3:all blood is infected, and exits the infected individual, repeating back to stage 1.

SCP 3055 can separate and infect multiple individuals at a time, and can travel up to 120/MPh. a breach of containment would result in a XK scenario within # hours.

how NOT to write an SCP:

SCP 10078 "All in your head"


DESCRIPTION: SCP 10078 are three men that look like demons. But, they are not real. Kinda. We do not know what projects 10078. Yet. All we know is that, do NOT come into contact. Do NOT close your eyes if you do. If you do these things, you will: Mutilate your eyes, become ill, and insanity. Most people are urged into comeing into contact with 10078. If you get the urge, do NOT give in. Sleep fixes it. But sleep is hard after you get the urge. 10078 feeds on anything that can think. Looking at pictures of 10078 for to long(1-2 min) can cause blindness and insanity.


1. no containment procedures.
2. it's done Item #: 10078
3. it's in the three thousands now.
4. no grammar or punctuation.

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i really want something to do with SCP 1730 other than the document. :( then i coud finally explore it!

you know i'm kind of suprised no one has made a game
hint hint

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