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USA E-Liquid Manufacturer & Online Vape Store


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The reason so many people have decided to buy e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes is the constitutional makeup of the e-cigarette. It is composed of an atomizer, a coil, housing and some USA E-Liquid. You can replace most e-cigarette cartridges after the initial use of the pre-filled cartridge, which is why you should buy some of our e-liquid; it makes for the perfect replacement. We have a beginner kit that works for the most avid traditional cigarette users. One of our amazing starter kits is called the Joye 510 Starter Kits & Accessories. This is your best option for starting down the road to making the switch from the old smoking habits. The Joye 510 Starter Kit is a perfect way for the smoker that isn’t a pack-a-day smoker to make the transition. Its analog-size electronic cigarettes make for a perfect blend of easy-to-use e-cigs and small size convenience combined.  
These kits make for great presents, either for yourself, or someone else! You’ll really enjoy the easy-to-use aspects and USA E-liquid re-load capabilities this starter kit provides. It’s one of the most useful and easy-to-learn kits that any company has ever devised. We know you’ll really enjoy the simplistic nature of one of our starter kits and the USA E-Liquid that comes with it. Plus, if you want to buy a variety of USA E-Liquid, we have a few for you to chose from. We are Texas Select Vapor and we know you’ll love making the transition to e-cigarettes, as well as love the affordable prices we apply because we buy in bulk! 

If you are finally in the mood to quit smoking and make that new year’s resolution happen, then you have come to the right site. Here at Texas Select Vapor, we make it our duty to provide the best alternatives to traditional cigarettes possible. One of our most beloved and popular alternatives is our Menthol USA E-liquid, which is basically a highly effective liquid nicotine for sale. It’s a very cool and clean menthol flavor that makes for a fantastic substitute for traditional menthol cigarettes. It’s smooth, yet still gives that little kick that most smokers desire. Our Menthol e-liquid is composed of USP/Kosher Glycerin, L-Nicotine, USP Propylene Glycol and FEMA/GRAS approved natural flavorings. Now doesn’t the sound of 4 to 5 natural chemicals and flavorings sound better than 4 to 5 hundred unnatural chemicals and flavorings? 
The simple makeup of this liquid nicotine for sale is why it is so popular. The atomizer on our e-cigarettes is one of the most technologically advanced atomizers around. What it actually does is power the internal coil. This inhibits the actual nicotine into a vaporized smoke by soaking the wick until the coil heats up the e-liquid into a vapor. On top of offering the best mixed base of 70% propylene glycol to 30% vegetable glycerin, we also permit our customers the ability to customize their very own liquid. 

If you are tired of smoking the same old cigarettes and tired of the same filthy taste, harmful effects to your lungs, nasty looks you get, and the odor that consumes your clothing, then you should seriously consider using electronic cigarettes. We know how harsh cigarettes can be for your personal and professional life. We know this because many of us used to be habitual smokers. All of this came to a screeching halt the day that e-cigs came along, in which we started to manufacturer our own. We are Texas Select Vapor and we have created a line of USA E-Liquid that has been specifically formulated to work with your own vaporizer. 

We know that most people still want to get nicotine, but don’t want all of the harsh consequences to their lungs, which is why we made sure that none of our E-Liquids contain Diacetyl. So you can be rest assured that when you take a vape from your vaporizer with one of our very flavorful e-liquids in it, you’ll be taking a vape from a liquid that’s been manufactured with standards approved by AEMSA. Doesn’t it sound good knowing that your co-workers won’t have to put up with the smell of regular cigarettes all over you anymore? 

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For those that have been patiently waiting, we finally got a small shipment of the Kanger ProTank 3 Replacement 2.0Ω Dual Coils in stock. We are expecting a much larger shipment from Kanger over the next week or two but until then, we are limiting these to a single 5 pack per customer.

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From Our Blog

What Makes The ProTank 2 So Pro?
The original Protank was such an amazing accessory to many, due to its very appealing chrome body and glass center tank. It offered a look that can only be had from more advanced tanks, such as the not-so-simple rebuildable atomizers.

What was so fantastic that made the e-liquid tank become so popular, is from its bottom coil changeable design and its pyrex glass tank. The Protank gave you the ability to hold even the most acidic e-liquids and it performed outstandingly.

However, nothing is perfect… it can be “pro”, but not perfect. The Protank, like many e-liquid tanks, suffered from its inability to wick properly at times. Due to a wick ‘mod’ used by many, the problem was quickly solved. So, that leaves the minor details that could be improved upon, such as top portion being one full piece and the every once in awhile accidental drops, shattering the glass.

Though the top being one full piece, not sporting a changeable / removable drip tip didn’t exactly cause anyone to stop using it, but the pyrex glass that pulled so many towards the tank, eventually left them without from a simple accidental drop. Once dropped, it’s done; no replaceable glass since the glass was one piece with the top and bottom portion.

Kanger has always been a solid electronic cigarette manufacturer, even from the earlier days of the industry. They’ve consistently produced new products and improved on the ones already existed. So, what could Kanger do to improve? - Simply make each part individually and replaceable.

What makes the Protank 2 so “Pro”?

Offering a new design, square bodied style, each and every piece on the Protank 2 is in fact replaceable. From the drip tip to the glass, replacing and customizing the Protank 2 to be yours has never been easier.

To start off with, the top portion of the Protank 2 is no longer a one piece design. It now allows you to use a drip tip, giving you option to change the style of your Protank 2. The Protank 2 still offers the same great performance, but the big improvement to this loved accessory is the glass; the glorified part that has attracted so many to this e-liquid tank.

Listening to feedback, what can Kanger do to improve on your accidental drops? - They make the glass an individual piece, giving you the ability to change it at anytime. That in itself is such an improvement to the tank, but Kanger knows e-cigarette users love to be unique, and make gear their own. That said, they offer the glass piece in multiple colors.

The Protank 2 is such an outstanding tank because it allows users to enjoy solid performance, easily replacement and a way to customize the product. Kanger did a swell job listening to consumer feedback and delivering a truly “Pro” tank.

To read the full article and several others from us, please visit our blog

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Our Blurp Usa E-Liquid flavor is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a refreshing and fruity vape. If you are new to the fruitier flavors this is a great one to start on. It is definitely a sweet vape, without the tart bite that some fruit flavors have. Check it out today, we are sure you will love it!

We have the best selection of premium USA made liquid nicotine for sale! All of our liquids are manufactured to the standard set by the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association. We produce the highest quality liquid because we refuse to sell any product we wouldn't use ourselves!
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