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Google's Chromebook Pixel is Real, 13", $1300
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Ridiculously expensive for what it is. No one will want this. It's going to die. You can get a (non-retina, admittedly) for $100 bucks cheaper, and hey, Chrome exists for it. AND SO DO ACTUAL APPS.
I've heard good things from everyone who's bought one of the older versions of the CB, but I'm amazed that Google had the guts to launch it at such a high price point. The 13" High-res touch screen alone doesn't justify the high price, but take into account the 32GB SSD, fairly long life battery and 3 years of 1TB Cloud storage and that number almost starts to make sense. +Joel Fischer while it's true ChromeOS only runs web apps for now, Google has been pushing the OS further and harder with every update. With Native Client (NaCl) developers can port C and C++ to the platform as installable packages that run offline. With these in mind, it's easy to see ChromeOS become more then a web only platform in the near future. 
I think my next laptop will be a CB, but not at that price unfortunately.
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