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Warhammer at War: How Home 3D Printers Are Disrupting Miniature Gaming
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As someone who's been collecting and painting miniatures since the early 80s, this is something I've been suspecting is coming for a while, especially considering the price-gouging that certain companies have indulged in over the years.  With technologies catching up, I suspect that the production side of the industry is in for some rude disruptions in the next few years, though I can see some of the brick-and-mortar shops becoming print-on-demand shops.   Maybe.   It'll be hard keeping good miniatures designers and good game designers/fluff writers employed in a way that gives a good overall experience, but it sure as heck will lower the barriers to entry for new companies wanting to push their products out.   They'll make the game and the 3D templates, you print 'em at home at your leisure.
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