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C'mon China Glaze I' waiting for Capitol Colors to be a big deal!
perfect colors for spring and fall, but I agree with Rebecca, capitol colors aren't a thing of the past, people would pay big money for them because The Hunger Games was such a big thing, and they want to look like the fashionable people of the capitol.
im wearing the district 12 color for my dance in school
OMG i actually made the girl on fire dress, it has fabric that when I spin it erupts in the colors of flame its all fabric of course, its soo cool
Love the neon collection! I also just bought the mint one and I love it!
Thats impossible 2 make the girl on fire dress
not impossible, not easy but completely possible, i used fabric not the gemstones.
then send me a vidoe of it at lilharkey123@gmail.com
<Live 2 Cheer>
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