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After reading up a bit about the government’s new plastic tax for UK coffee chains, I stumbled across some shocking stats about ‘e-waste’ (electronic waste, incl. computers!). 50 MILLION TONNES of e-waste are generated every year - the majority of which isn’t recycled 😲😢

⚠️ Studies show that producing a new computer and monitor takes at least 1.5 tons of water, 48lbs of chemicals and 530 lbs of fossil fuels.

⚠️ Currently, only 15-20 percent of all e-waste is recycled.

⚠️ Reusing computers can generate 296 more jobs per year for every 10,000 tons of computer waste processed, when compared to disposal in landfills.

Where possible, #RepairAndReuse your electronics 🌍♻️
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People are often quick to buy a new computer when their old one has gone wrong or has started running slow. However, this decision can be premature. There are many issues that can be fixed with some clever problem solving and a little investigation. Teign Geeks are technical wizards, offering an unrivalled PC MOT that will help you to run again at full speed.
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PC Laptop Repair Specialists Teignmouth
“No Fix No Fee” PC Laptop Repair.
Broken laptop screen
Faulty power supply socket
Hard drive repair and replacement
Liquid damage
Replacement/upgrade RAM
Faulty laptop keyboard
Replacement motherboards
Faulty web camera
Damaged laptop case/housing
General PC Servicing
Any other PC/desktop repair
We are a local professional repair centre serving our local community for over 10 years. For a free quotation for any PC Laptop Repair Call 01626 773365
PC Laptop Repair
PC Laptop Repair
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PC not running as it used to?
Over time and use, most PC’s accumulate junk files and develop unresolved problems which can manifest themselves by slowing down your PC. Fortunately, this slowdown can usually be reversed with a PC-MOT.
Just £39.00 for a limited time!
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iPhone 6s or 7??
Apple is set to officially announce the latest iPhone next Wednesday 9-09-15 in San Francisco and they are also likely to launch iOS 9 at the same time. Pre-orders are going to be available as soon as Friday 11th with the actual release date of the 18th seemingly.
There are lots of rumours floating around and the best we can gather is that the exterior of the new devices will be in-line with the 6 & 6+ although there is mention of a smaller 4" screen device but that would seem unlikely until there is a complete restyle next year.
Some of the likely upgrades include:
Taptic Engine & Force Touch, this allows users to interact with their phones more and detects how hard the user is pressing allowing different actions to be carried out. This should allow much easier and faster menu navigation once you get to "Grips" with it. LOL (well it made me laugh)
The front facing camera is likely to be upgraded to 12MP and allow 60fps in full 1080p and there is also talk of some new lens technology meaning near DSLR quality.
The case has been beefed up somewhat so hopefully no more bendy iPhones, also Apple are very likely to use the new scratch resistant Sapphire glass on the new models although less broken screens = less repairs for the geeks so not sure I like that idea:(
It has been mentioned that the new iPhone 6s-7 will have a new A9 processor and the RAM upgraded to 2GB.
All of the above is just rumours and speculation but we will all find out soon.
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Over time and use, most PC’s accumulate junk files and develop unresolved problems which can manifest themselves by slowing down your PC. Fortunately, this slowdown can usually be reversed with a PC-MOT. Keep reading to see how we can speed up your PC.
PC Repair Teignmouth
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We will be opening Saturdays as from the 29th Aug due to customer demand. Our hours will be 10-3pm.
We will however be having a refit of our repair and check in area in the next few weeks so we will not be open that weekend. We will let everyone know when dates confirmed.
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We have received a few too many calls recently from unfortunate customers who have fallen victim to scammers who claim to be working for Microsoft, one of the major banks, or local utility companies.
To make this clear before we go on, Microsoft, Apple, your bank or utility company will never call you asking for personal details or payment card information without solicitation. In the case of the Microsoft scammers, Microsoft employees will never call you out of the blue and offer to fix your computer. If this happens, simply hang up the phone.
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We are now offering a full iPhone & iPad repair service for all models. We only install genuine original or supported OEM parts.
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