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Hello everyone. Please talk to me if you are concerned.
My name is Huong, and I work in online marketing in Vietnam. My company does online marketing both on google and facebook. I'm running ads for some enterprises in USA, Australia, France, etc.
Their spending accounts are no less than 10,000 USD per day, but why do they choose my company as a partner? The reason is that the ads running expense with my account is low, which means they can reduce the ads cost to earn high profit.
Let's talk to me if you are interested in my company. Contact me by inbox facebook or via skype : dinhhuongvtm401
Thank you so much
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Travis Wright

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+Piotr Golczyk Never been to Poland, no.
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Travis Wright

Marketing Tools / MarTech  - 
Looking to understand MarTech better? 
Here are 13 types of marketing technologies your company could use.
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Travis Wright

Promotional Posts  - 
I have created a topic category, called Promotional Posts, at the request of several community members.  

Have any other requests?  Let me know!  Thanks!
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Would you mind adding a Direct Mail or Direct Marketing topic category? +Travis Wright 
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Travis Wright

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Over 80,000 members discussing marketing in my Marketing+ community... who said G+ was dead?  Oh yeah... I did.  LOL  Well, certain elements are certainly thriving.
A Community of Marketers. Mobile Local Social Search PR
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Slow and steady strategy wins the race. Lets hope!
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Travis Wright

commented on a video on YouTube.
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For ten minutes, Tom Cruise is cool again.

Travis Wright

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My latest on Inc.  8 great tips from bad ass entrepreneurs who've grown startups into successful businessess.
These eight founders and CEOs have advice for business newbies, so that we can reach success faster and easier than they did.
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Travis Wright

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Travis Wright

General Discussions  - 
The challenges of moderating a Google+ Community... and a request...

Who would like to help moderate this community?! We are approaching 100,000 members and need some help to keep the content at a high quality.
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Travis Wright

General Discussions  - 
Since Google+ is revamped around communities, we tidied up a bit today, added a couple of categories, as requested. A Direct Mail area, Social Selling, and a Webinars category.

Feel free to continue to share great resources, and as always message me with any questions! Or connect on Linkedin:

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Learn how to make money online as an affiliate - Google URL Shortener
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Travis Wright

General Discussions  - 
It amazes me how many people think that spamming a marketing group is actually marketing.  LOL  If you spam, you are removed and banned.  FYI.  Spam at your own risk.
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No is banning people so you don't see much informative content 
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Travis Wright

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He is my keynote from November in Australia, at the Data Strategy Symposium.
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Chief Marketing Technologist. Inc. Magazine Columnist. Keynote Speaker. Stand Up Comic.
Travis is the Director of Interactive Awesomeization.
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In Feb 2007, I conceived a geoproximity marketing tool that could push daily deals to smartphone owners in a certain local area based on GPS coordinates and IP targeting. We were set to get 500k funding on Feb 1, 2008... so, I trained my replacement at my tech trainer j.o.b. and in late, late January 2008, days before our check was coming, we get a visit from the F.B.I. They were talking about the principal of the investment firm and they indicted him on some FINRA violation or some sort... No funds... No job... So, I had to get my hustle on. • Co-Founded Advangel Interactive on nothing and built it into something that adds value to our clients and local business owner partners. • Life is what you make it. If you keep moving forward, learning and growing... eventually, success and good things come your way.
  • University of Kansas
    Journalism / Marketing
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I specialize in Local Search, SEO, Mobile, Social and other Digital Marketing Strategies. CoFounder of I'm kind of a medium deal.
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    Global Social Media Strategist, 2012 - 2013
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    Mobile Local Social, 2009 - 2011
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    Advangel Interactive, 2007 - 2012
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Butler, MO - Lawrence, KS - Monterrey, CA - Vancover, BC - Cambridge, MA - Key West, FL
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The Mad Scientists of Local SEO

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You should change your name to F5 Spamming Systems. Damn. 7 posts in the Marketing+ Community in 5 minutes?
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They were very helpful and everyone that I encountered was quite friendly. I had to rent tire chains for the trip to Yosemite and I even had to call them for directions on how to remove them... very helpful.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Amazing food and you can tell the owners really care about this place... They all over asking how everyone's food is, etc. the yelp ratings are off the charts... So are Googles. Believe them. This place rocks.
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39 reviews
Great food. Wow. Huge portions. Authentic. What's not to love?
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I've been on a slow-carb diet, so Chipotle is perfect for losing weight. I have burrito bowl with fajita veggies, black beans, pinto bean, chicken or steak, tomatillo, corn salsa and big blop of guacamole with an extra side of guac, for later. I take it home and add some fresh spinach leaves and add about 1/2 of the bowl and eat that as lunch... and do the same thing for dinner. Literally, Chipotle 6 times a week, except once a week, I have a cheat day... and I'm down 17lbs. This last week, on my cheat day, I came in an got a burrito with the flour tortilla, rice, cheese... all of that! lol. And they were so impressed of my daily patronage, that they gave me my burrito for free that day! Great group of people there. Always smiles.
• • •
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