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TEDxKish is a hub for bringing together a community of like-minded and highly engaged forward-thinkers to inspire, connect & innovate
TEDxKish is a hub for bringing together a community of like-minded and highly engaged forward-thinkers to inspire, connect & innovate

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تدکس کیش ۲۰۱۶ در روزهای ۱۵ تا ۱۷ اردیبهشت ۹۵ برگزار می‌شود.
خوشحالیم که بار دیگر در خلق رویدادی جریان‌ساز با شما همراه هستیم.
بیشتر بخوانید ~

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مروری بر تدکس کیش در برنامه‌ی «صفر و یک» وب‌سایت یک‌پزشک…/2015/05/tedx-kish-2015-highlights.html

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تعدادی از سخنرانان تدکس کیش با جزیره و تدکسی‌ها خداحافظی می‌کنند. #tedxkish  

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ترالانس ادی و کاوه مدنی از سخنرانان تدکس کیش #tedxkish

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برندگان جایزه تدکس کیش طی روزهای جمعه و شنبه اعلام عمومی خواهند شد. #tedxkish

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تا دو روز دیگر میزبان شما خواهیم بود در تدکس کیش
#TED   #TEDx    #TEDxKish  

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Gesine is a world renowned Architect and large
scale Community Planner, Author, Artist, Poet and
Philosopher. Founder of the World Consciousness
Center. Gesine loves to look Behind the Horizon.
You will find Gesine’s TEDxOrange Coast talk “How
Motherhood Supercharged my Professional Career” on
the TEDxOrangeCoast website.

#TED #TEDx #TEDxKish #TEDxKish2015 #GesineThomson
#تد #تدکس #تدکس_کیش #تدکس_کیش۲۰۱۵ #گسین_تامسون

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Dr. Hamed Sadjedi *received his BSc degree in Electronics, MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering and PhD degree in Electronics from AmirKabir University
of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) Iran, in 1995, 1998 and 2005.
Since 1998, he has founded several start-up companies and he is currently the CEO of SHENASA (Pasargad Financial Group Venture capital) and member of the board, the chairman of the board of TANIN (an innovative company in hearing field) and Assistant Professor in Shahed University.

#TED #TEDx #TEDxKish #TEDxKish2015 #HamedSadjedi
#تد #تدکس #تدکس_کیش #تدکس_کیش۲۰۱۵ #حامد_ساجدی

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Samantha was born in London in 1966 to South
African parents. She has a degree in Economics from
the University of Cambridge, but dates the start of
her real education to 1989, when she moved to preindependence
Namibia and began seeing the world
through other people’s lives.
She has reported from five continents for most of the
major publications in the UK, South Africa and America,
and written six books, including the international
best-seller, “A Fish Caught in Time: the Search for the
Coelacanth”, and “The Moneypenny Trilogy”. Currently,
she works at The Economist Group’s Intelligent Life
Magazine, where she edits the Places section. She is
married to the wildlife filmmaker, Mark Fletcher, and
has two children. She divides her time between a
thatched cottage in rural Wiltshire and a suitcase - and
is happiest when on the road.

#TED #TEDx #TEDxKish #TEDxKish2015 #SamanthaWeinberg
#تد #تدکس #تدکس_کیش #تدکس_کیش۲۰۱۵ #سامانتا_وینبرگ

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Ali Sahebi is a senior Faculty of The William Glasser Institute - International and the Director of William Glasser Institute - Iran. He completed his PhD in Clinical Psychology at University of NSW, Sydney Australia.
He Worked for seven years as a professor of Clinical Psychology at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad - Iran. He then joined The Positive Psychology of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy Movement and Worked with Dr. William Glasser, the founder of Choice Theory to take Choice Theory on Iran. On December 2011 got Dr. Glasser’s permission to establish the William Glasser Institute- Iran, as a center for teaching Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management in
Iran. Ali Sahebi has written 12 books and translated 13 books from English to Farsi. Choice Theory: The Psychology of Personal Freedom written by William Glasser is one of the most popular books that has been translated by him.

#TED #TEDx #TEDxKish #TEDxKish2015 #AliSahebi
#تد #تدکس #تدکس_کیش #تدکس_کیش۲۰۱۵ #علی_صاحبی
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