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Dear Googles
If it was your intention to make things simpler and/or easier so as to entice new users, you might not really understand the meaning of simple or easy. Seriously - every thing is now more complicated and well hidden. Well, except for the things that are now completely impossible of course. Thanks though for a pretty good run. It was fun and while we may never have had Paris, we did have some laughs.
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I have been to Paris Tennessee and Hazel Kentucky. Two very nice places to check out.
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ted kelly

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Try something different this Black Friday . Come on by and drop off some green.
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ted kelly

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I’d like to pass on a note of request to our freelance contributors due to a worldwide policy change.. In future, please don’t send photos to Reuters that were processed from RAW or CR2 files. If you want to shoot raw images that’s fine, just take JPEGs at the same time. Only send us the photos that were originally JPEGs, with minimal processing (cropping, correcting levels, etc).
Reuters has implemented a new worldwide policy for freelance photographers that bans photos that were processed from RAW files. Photographers must now only
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ted kelly

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Once more - just testing things out.
Feedback welcome !
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Not so much. When I look at posts with several pix in new+ they look funny. It looks like they're still tuning it up though.
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ted kelly

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+ted kelly lol. That's just too funny
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ted kelly

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Me: It’s almost Thanksgiving, Stella, and I was just wondering: What are you thankful for?

Stella: What does “thankful” mean? Is that Italian? Is that like an olive or cheese?
Dogs are masters of giving thanks. You just have to look in a dog’s direction and he will proclaim himself the luckiest dog alive to have a friend like you, and he will never leave you alone again. Cats, on the other hand, are much more subtle with expressing gratitude, nearly to the point of …
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I'll take a look..tx
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ted kelly

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I'm finding the new g+ to be completely without merit. I just can't see any reason to do anything except look at Mr Jingles and maybe an occasional hashtag themed picture.
Any suggestions on where to go from here ?
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Ah. So that's what people have been doing

I'm fine with them doing it. Angry that Google made it necessary. 
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ted kelly

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+Rick Miller  bahahahahaha
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ted kelly

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I do believe the + has jumped the shark.

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Yes Oscar. Yes you should.It seems like they alternate between making it less powerful and harder to use as they go along.
Barely Chad. I try to let all the -'s float on down the stream. 
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ted kelly

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Just trying out the new + thingie. This picture took a loooong time to upload. Otherwise it does seem a touch quicker than the old one.+Jamie Rich 
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I have it on my phone but disabled the auto-share feature. 
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ted kelly

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Nicely seen +ted kelly - It's going to get some use with all that rain.  Thanks for thinking of us at +Grate Art Wednesday 
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