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ted kelly

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I accidentally set my shutter release on continuous so the googles autoawesomed this for an  #accidentallyawesome  post.
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ted kelly

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It was a great day for a soccer game ! Leonidas Uriah Jones at the Y.
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ted kelly

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Why do you Guru ?
It's #sketchgurusaturday  and +paula contreras and I along with +Christina Lihani like to play a game where we use a variety of apps, programs, extensions or whatever and just play around with pictures that we've shot. We started with a phone app called Sketchguru and just a few people and now (sometimes) bunches of people use dozens of techniques and just give up for a bit the idea that photography is so "serious". 
So join us, if you will. Grab a picture and turn it into a cartoon. (or a watercolor, or an oil painting) Do you like Monet, or Picasso or Warhol - Like they say, "There's an app for that". Discover you inner Renoir and show us what floats your boat. No rules, just one request. Add the #sketchgurusaturday  hashtag and plus tag our names so we don't miss out on seeing your contributions. 
Thanks bunches, and "Keep on Sketching"...
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ted kelly

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Tomorrow should be a great day. Who else is up for it?
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Mosquito Bites, Chigger Bites, Thorns, Spines, and Prickles. Did I cover it all?
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ted kelly

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Illinois here we come
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Yes !
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ted kelly

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What's a Wednesday without a waterfall ?  #waterfallwednesday  
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ted kelly

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This "post" is for +Gary Posner and the +RustySunday crowd and #rustysunday .
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Creative 'post' , Ted for +RustySunday Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.
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ted kelly

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Happy #goaturday  and good luck...+GoatURDay 
ted kelly originally shared:
About Goat Dairy Essay 
Have you dreamed of having your own farm?  How would you like to own a complete goat dairy and creamery including a fabulous goat herd, equipment, and recipes, home on 20 acres, barns, and training, with no mortgage?
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ted kelly

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I thought you might like this +Fred Robel 
In December 1953, an airplane named the "Columbine II" was on a flight over New York City, identified by air traffic controllers simply as "Air Force 8610."
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Big bucks, he says.  lol
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ted kelly

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#stairsthursday posting from mobile +Stairs ThursdayDon't Jump
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I didn't try it either. I might try from a bridge or something but my level of trust in this kind of place just isn't quite there. (not to mention that it would take me all day to climb that high)
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ted kelly

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I had plans to get my sign from a catcher at a baseball game but it doesn't start until too late. The story of my life (sigh) Either too early or too late. So with a little help from serendipity I prestent you with:
Fired Up
#wpc2015   Signs
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+ted kelly   definitely   sign with direction :)
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ted kelly

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Yep ..speechless.... :-////
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I'm kind of hard to put a label on and have a big circle of people who I find it easy to pin one on. I don't usually drop people but that one circle has the volume turned down (way down). I don't report things unless I think I can prevent some harm to people or critters. It's a good thing I think, to consider other peoples views, especially ones I don't agree with. 
I post quite a few pictures and like to discover and share new things. Welcome to my little slice of the world.
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