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It is estimated that over the next 10 years, 2 million jobs for qualified technicians will go unfilled due to the skills gap. In this Google Hangout, we'll discuss this trend and find out more about the important collaboration between engineers and technicians that makes innovation possible.

Moderator: Nicholas D’Antonio, Project Manager, National Association of Manufacturing 

• Vincent Reydams, Manufacturing Development Engineer, TE Connectivity 
• Karen Benjamin, Reliability Engineer, TE Connectivity
• Victor Crouse, Technician, TE Connectivity 
• John McBride, Model Maker, TE Connectivity 


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The field of engineering is changing our world every day, and women working in engineering can be powerful role models for young girls pursuing an education and career in science, technology, engineering or math. 

Through this panel, TE celebrates and recognizes the role women are playing in engineering today, including the unique challenges they face. Each of our panelists have found success in their chosen fields and will talk about their own journey to finding their passion. 

During this Google Hangout, our panelists will discuss: 

• Unique challenges within the engineering field
• The importance of a support system in your career
• Reasons for pursuing your dream job
• Advice for younger engineers or girls interested in STEM fields

Panelists include:
Moderator: Karen Leggio, SVP and General Manager for Automotive Americas, TE Connectivity

Panel Participants: 
Simona de Silvestro, Driver, Andretti Formula E Team & TE Brand Ambassador
Dominique Freckmann, Automotive Engineering Manager, TE Connectivity 
Mishal Shahab, SubCom Cable Installation Engineer, TE Connectivity & SVP, Society of Women Engineers – New Jersey Chapter
Jennifer Farah, Interior Lighting Global Technical Lead, General Motors
Rob Shaddock, Chief Technology Officer, TE Connectivity

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TE is committed to environmental protection and sustainability through our company-wide efforts to reduce our energy and water usage, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions, and by publicly reporting on our progress.

In this Hangout, TE's Carl Schultz, Sr. Director of Environment, Health and Safety, will discuss the ways TE is managing environmental impacts and provide insights into TE's sustainability programs. 

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What advances are on the horizon in high voltage connectivity? What impact will emerging technologies have on safety, reliability and vehicle range? TE’s Ajay Bhargava, Senior Manager, Hybrid and Electric Mobility Solutions, looks at key megatrends facing the industry. He’ll discuss how TE is working with its customers to address the industry’s coming challenges and what’s on the horizon for hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Tune in live from the Battery Show as TE’s Mike Emenheiser, Industry Manager for Application Tooling, talks about TE’s LITEALUM wire crimp and its benefits. Using existing manufacturing processes, TE’s LITEALUM enables a seamless transition from copper to aluminum wire, reducing vehicle weight, lowering CO2 emissions and extending the range of travel in some gas-powered and hybrid and electric vehicles.

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How will sensor technologies shape the future of hybrid and electric vehicles? Will the cars and trucks on tomorrow's roadways be able to communicate with one another, warning of safety hazards and travel problems? Will their engines be more efficient and less polluting? In this Hangout, TE’s Scott Phillips, senior manager for automotive sensor technologies, will provide his unique insight on the development of green vehicles.

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TE’s 2015 Engineering Survey found a growing awareness of the role of engineers in driving innovation and impacting our daily lives. In this Google Hangout, TE's Lauren Miller will discuss the collaborative programs TE and our 7,500 engineers participate in to spark innovation within TE and an interest in how STEM programs within schools and universities around the world are invaluable to the future of engineering.

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Advancements in medical cable technology ensure life-saving devices continue to do their jobs in harsh hospital environments. In this Google Hangout, TE's Eugene Mayevskiy discusses how TE Medical cables are engineered and tested to survive harsh hospital environments and help our customers transform patient care.

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Already driving demand in the consumer automotive marketplace, green technologies have captured the attention of designers creating cars and trucks for tomorrow’s roadways. In this Google Hangout, TE’s Chadwick Taylor, Sr. Manager, Business Development, talks about TE’s work in technologies aimed at saving weight, space and fuel and how the company supports University teams developing advanced, eco-friendly vehicles.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015 
9:00 a.m. EDT / 1:00 p.m. GMT 

While some people dream of being a professional race car driver, many don’t realize that autosport innovation has a direct impact on the cars we drive on a daily basis. 

This is no different for Formula E, the new fully electric FIA racing circuit that debuted in 2014. Formula E is leading the way to creating greener technologies that go beyond racing to the electric vehicles we see on the road today. 

During this hour-long Google Hangout, autosport engineers from Andretti Technologies and TE Connectivity will discuss:

• What is Formula E teaching us about the future of electric vehicles? 
• How can auto engineers leverage the learnings of electric car racing for the development of commercial electric vehicles?
• What advances have been made in battery power management?
• What does the future look like for electric vehicles?

Panelists include:
Moderator: David Mantey, Executive Editor, Advantage Business Media
Panel Participants: 
• Roger Griffiths, Co-Team Principal, Andretti Formula E Team (UK) 
• Rich Harmer, Andretti Technologies embedded engineer, TE Connectivity (UK) 
• Alan Amici, VP Engineering for Automotive Americas, TE Connectivity (US)
• Karen Leggio, SVP and General Manager for Automotive Americas, TE Connectivity (US) 
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