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'Tis the season of giving and TechSmith Education wants to help some teachers out this winter. Starting this week, you can enter for a $100 gift card toward classroom materials by listening to the "Chalkstar to Rockstar" podcast! 

We want to know how you would use some extra money to help your students learn. Comment on this post or share a link to a blog post explaining what you would do with the money. The deadline for submission is Sunday, December 22, at 11:59 pm (EST). Chalkstar to Rockstar will announce the winners on Christmas Day on the weekly podcast and winners will have until December 30 to claim their prize.

You can find the show at 

You need to listen to win! Good luck!
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I would use $100 in my grade 4-5 STEM classroom to purchase supplies for some "Kitchen Chemistry" experiments I want to do with my 300 students using Steve Spangler's book "Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes: Unforgettable Experiments That Make Science Fun." We'll document our learning using our iPads and class blogs. I don't have any money remaining in our STEM budget, so this money would be wonderful to offset the consumable expenses for these experiments. I have 11 classes of students each semester, with 22 to 29 students per class.
I would use the $100 to purchase some apps and equipment for my teachers to take and edit videos! We have 2 or 3 video projects going on at our school right now and everyone is need of any video equipment we can get our hands on!
Since "gamifying" our flipped-mastery history courses, students have begun earning badges/achievements throughout each scenario (unit).  I would use to $100 to give students items related to the achievements.  Examples) "Tech Ninja" achievement gets a $10 Best Buy card, "XP Leader" gets a trophy, "Best Blogger" gets a custom url on, etc. 
As our school tries to reach every child at their educational level we have started working with students more in small groups and one on one.  In order to do that effectively we need to find new strategies and tools to engage students as well as know they are really understanding what they are learning.   We have “purchased” free iPad apps, however, the paid versions would allow teachers to assign logins to students, so each student could have books and tasks assigned to them,  as well as giving teachers the ability to be able to track student learning. I would spend my $100.00 buying theses apps to help my teachers and students.
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