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Do you agree with Alan's thoughts?
It’s no secret that IT pros aren’t too popular with some clients and end users. Alan Norton considers some of the underlying reasons for t
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IT Pros get a bad rap...yes--so does everyone else...the girl at the Mc Donald's who messed up your order...the doctor who misdiagnosed your condition...the all star quarterback who singlehandedly lost the first round of the playoffs...the bus driver who didn't stay at the stop long enough and seemed to notice your approach...the maintenance guy who still hasn't fixed your Air Conditioning Unit...

At the end of the day, there's a general loss of respect across cultures and differences. The mere fact that we allow a "Right-wing" news agency, a "Left-wing" news agency, and a news agency that is so unbiased that they don't fully cover any stories is indicative of a greater issue brewing in our society.

So, although I am an IT Pro (why I have TechRepoblic in my circles at all), this rubbish is just that: rubbish. No need to feel sorry for yourselves, IT Kings and Queens--EVERYONE has a bad rap...
+Aaron L. Green Unfortunately, I agree. It seems easier for people to remember the few times when things didn't go as expected than the many times it goes without a hitch. What does that say about us?
+John Fitzmaurice Hmmm... Something I've noticed, John, is that people behave against eachother to fulfill some sort of personal void, you know. Like, I would rather say "John is not nice" than to say, "Damn, I was mean to John." Everybody wants to be right, you know? I've learned so much in this life from being wrong, and admitting my faults. So I can look and go, yeah, as an IT guy, there may be people who have transgressed me while I was trying to help them, but they were few and far between. And the fact of the matter is that half of the people who did, were just scared themselves (scared of not meeting a deadline or losing everything they worked on--regardless of the fact that their documents were on a network share...they didn't know).

So articles like this kind of keep the divide amongst the people. And we all know that a divided people are a conquered people... The real transgressions of the people happen in dig?
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