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How Niantic Should’ve Handled It: Let People Know They’ve Been Heard
Step 1: Respond in a Timely Manner
Step 2: Be Empathetic
Step 3: Move the Conversation to a Private Channel

Sounds like some of the things Reputation Igniter can help your business with, because they didn't implement a feedback system and make their customers feel important Pokémon GO has:
- Lost about 3 million active users…
- Customers are demanding refunds of in-app purchases…
- A plethora of one-star reviews on iTunes and Google Play…
- One very, very unhappy community…

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The internet is no longer used primarily desktop computers and the internet usage on mobile devices is increasing every day. If you don’t want to loose potential clients then you need a great looking website with responsive web design, i.e. optimized for mobile browsing. Make your customers happy with a site that is a delight to browse on any size of device.

In this video learn how responsive design can help your business to succeed and stay future friendly.

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Our free webinar for #nonprofits starts in less than 3 hours (1pm PST). We will be going over the setup and initial optimization of Google Grants (Google's $10,000 a month free advertising program for nonprofits!)

Help your favorite nonprofit find more donation, volunteers, and traffic to their website!

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Checkout my latest blog post: Not Getting the Traffic You Expected? Watch our SEO Video!

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Checkout my latest blog post: Google+ Offers More SEO Value vs. Other Social Media Sites

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Are you part of a #nonprofit? Are you using Google Grants? Social Media?
If not, you are missing out BIG TIME!

I will (Stacy Erickson of Home Key: Organized Social Media) will be co-hosting the webinar and discussing actionable tips to improve your online visibility and engagement.

The same happens with social media – organizations create a Facebook page for their cause, post a couple of times, then get tired of not getting results right away and abandon ship.

Or, even worse – they delegate the process to a volunteer who does NOTHING! (Sound familiar?!)

During this webinar, I am going to be giving some easy tips to businesses so that they can stay consistent with their social media pages, watch their nonprofit climb in search engine ratings, and start down the path of becoming visible and credible to potential volunteers and donors.

Geoffrey Purkis of Seattle Web Search will discuss how your organization can benefit from Google Grants and why you should consider it as part of your marketing strategy this year.

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Have a favorite #nonprofit? Please invite and share this with them.
Help them show up in Google searches and get the word out.

Google Ad Grants can help nonprofits drive awareness, attract donations and recruit volunteers.

We are excited to be working with Beloved Streets of America as our #nonprofit test study for this months Google Grants webinar.

Join us this upcoming Tuesday (July 26th, 2016) to learn how to get started. Thanks Melvin White for reaching out!

We will be continuing (and improving) our series of online workshops to help nonprofits setup Google Adwords, apply it to their nonprofit marketing, and optimize it to get on the first page of Google.

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Ever hovered over a tab on your browser? That short phrase that pops up under your mouse is the title of the page.

The title and description are among the first things Google uses to determine your site’s rank. Plus – once your site does show up in a search results page, web surfers will read your title and description to learn what your site is about and decide whether or not to check it out.

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Wix finally adds the option to shorten your page urls, which is better for SEO.

I was recently having problems setting up Google Adwords for a #‎nonprofit's Google Grants because of this issue.

Make sure you are logged into your Wix account, then click on this link to implement:
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