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We are happy to support the Hearthstone Invitational #1 tournament on time2win.
These 16 players are going for a 5,000.00€ prize pot:
SK Gaming Spo
Tempo Storm Gaara
Tempo Storm Kaldi
ManaLight Powder
ManaLight ModernLeper
Cloud 9 Kolento
Cloud 9 Ek0p
ex-LG Stan Cifka
Team Liquid Neirea
Na`Vi Xixo
Fade2Karma Cipher
Fade2Karma Theude
compLexity SuperJJ
Hearthlytics JAB
N/A P4wnyhof
G2 eSports Rdu
See the live cast on twitch on 17th and 18th November, starting at 18:00 CET.
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