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What a wonderful world of tea
Have you had a cup today?
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Yes! :D Still need to try bubble tea though!
camomile tea is what i like with a little honey and lemon
I HAVE! And I am drinking some now!! Mmmm good!
enjoying some avengers themed mint green tea... iced.
i think we can make friend with each other...
Every once in a while it gets like a matchmaking site on these threads, but it never gets out of hand. Even flirty tea drinkers are polite!
I think I will end the day with a cup
Bubble tea is tea with tapioca balls at the bottom . . . quite yummy, actually.
yes, they look so cute
I want to like tea but I just don't but bubble tea does sound pretty funny :) ☕
i love herdal tea
if i was a tea i would be lemon i love lemon n and Blue berry tea
YESSSSS!!!! chocolate mint... twas deliciouso!
Tea with a little bit of blackberry syrup 😌
Mia B
Need a cup
Sesha B
lol is bubble tea even real?!?!
Wow that's pretty Racist just saying with the black and white thing going on there. Haha JUST KIDDING :)
Years ago, in the 1990s, I visited a museum in Quebec City. When I was there, they had a special exhibit on tea, and I learned that next to water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the world.
Tasha T
yes its so nice
awww how cute i choose bubble tea
I am going to get the kettle hot now! My top 2 favorite tea are Green Tea Kombucha by Yogi and Rosehips tea (loose,cut & deseeded) by Frontier. I love my [herbal] tea unsweetened.  
some r goin 4 whiite tea .I ALSO!!!!!!!!! which is called water 
any way try to b natural
i love any kind of tea as long as it taste great.
i have it was green tea do u guys add sugar
Yilei D
so cute
ill pick bubble tea
Green tea is a black tea!!!
lol now i got to go get a cup of tea x)
Mint tea sound good to me!
Just love teeeeeeeeeea especially herbal teeeeeeeeeea greeeeeeeeen teeeeeeeeeea ;)
Good old fashion pg tips with a dash of milk.
Black & White tea (cold) is delicious...sweet and refreshing!! :)
Sorry, certified coffee lover. But I agree tea is good on so many levels. Let's drink (tea) to that +Tea for Ten
thats soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Just had three cups o' tea, if you must know :3
me none i like french vanilla
Me too

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Paige H
which tea would u rather have? ill have green tea 
black tea, green tea, white em all...^^
What's white tea like?? :)
I enjoy tension tamer tea by Celestial Seasonings. 
I had hibiscus tea brewed with green tea. Tasty and healthy! :)
enjoy pretty much all flavours but..... rooibos (spelling?)
aww so cute i have black tea yum 
i despise tea it is so bitter
Golden Monkey, with demerara sugar.
No, but I had my usual 8 to 12 cups of coffee. I try to stop @ 8 cups in the mornings. Some AM's 12 cups is just not enough.
I would love a spot of tea. Will there be watercress sandwiches?
Shi Yun
they are cute!!!
I always start my day with a cup of tea :) 
Yea, got some green tea, frozen matcha and some yerba matea.
Was a good day!
of course! every day:) today was earl grey, yesterday was mango papaya green tea. :3
sorry. i don't drink tea.
not yet.
How about Javanese Tea?
BUBBLE TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bubble Tea an green tea in suh a tea person !!!
I LOVE bubble tea! Especially with tapioca balls... Wait, that might be something else...
oolong tea. It comes from my hometown. super douper delicious and good for health
Green tea with biscuit
Can I have green tea please
lapsang souchong or gunpowder teas are my favorite!
I'm all about herbal it is.
Love this. As a tea drinker, I love this.
can I have the black tea :3
I ♥ tea, too! I make a daily does of turmeric spice chai tea. :)
My little tea pot short and spot put a little honey to make me stop for doing all the nice things in my pot
Jasmine tea with 2 tsps of honey...time to go night night :)
Oh Green Tea And Oolong Tea. Yum!
Just made some green tea with a bit of agave nectar it. Yummy =)
i dont like either one one those teas i perfer sweet tea
Adorable! Black tea for me, all the way :) I actually just starting liking tea a couple months ago.
I'm not really a big fan of tea and my family thinks I'm crazy for tht lol. :) but I do like iced peach tea sometimes...:) so I guess tht means I like at least one type of tea. I guess every body likes at least one type and lol I guess I also typed a REALLY long txt lol. :D
Mmmm, I do so love a good cup of hot herbal tea. I have a large kitchen drawer to store my collection in... I have a cup every morning.
I love tea but sometimes it smear funny haha <3
I ment to say tea sometimes smells funny
Mary M
Yes, two cups of Green Tea and thank you for asking.
I <3 TEA

because tea is a great way of starting a conversation with others
... A lot can happen with TEA 
Had green tea today and love bubble tea!! 
it's like a cup of dirty water!
I have not had tea yet because it is in the wee hours of the morning. :( wish my mom was up to make me a cup :)
All sorts of tea..No Caffeine.
I wonder what chai tea would look like... :)
I luv rose tea and raspberry I just luv tea

My friend 💚s green tea but I prefer herbal 🌺
That's adorable!!!! I had my iced tea today(:
i like a black tea... some taste diffrent...
hmmm...All these shouts for tea?!  Maybe it really IS better than sex!
Yep, tea with milk :D
I had Chai black tea with two tbs of honey
Coffee is better.  It helps prevent cancers.
I LOV<3........... Mint & Speariment Tea w/a few dropps of honey. Mmmm!
i love tea..but i can't afford to buy it...we're poor:((
Every morning :-) green tea is my favorite.
Drinking Tea is good for health
ါgood  so good    i love tea
Green tea and I like having it as Indian chai too.
White tea...?? :O
I never heard of it before.. is it good..?? what is it taste likes??
not even men drink tea it shows maturity :)
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I enjoy different kinds of tea. When I feel depressed I drink tons of tea no matter the season. Also I get tons of tea for Cjriatmas. My brother manly gets it for me.
kavi Z
I  only like bubble tea !!!! 
red tea have a drink all pople rich and poor ?
chi nui tea. try 26 flavors ...vanilla n houny ...tea s cool
Love hot green tea anytime after work.  
Very refreshing , tempting, really hot....
your little teapot short n stout hers ur handle n their s your spelt curry in a hurry 50cent s a cup all flaver s hot n chilly soup tha loup ..veary nice cool
Love the green tea the most n oolong tea, its preserved ur youth, my country of origin from far east people there doesnt seem getting old
A green tea with dried jasmine flowers, double the benefit, Iressistable!!
Love me some tea! One cup down for the morning and many more to go :)
J Gohil
Wow...♥ What a wonderful world of tea ♥
Anthony desde aki desde Madrid EspaÑa estamos contigo tu publico maravilloso.Esperamos que todo salga bien.
prefer grean as my contry is celebrating it 52 independence aniversary
mmmmmm tea sounds good right now wish i could have a tea party right now
you forgot a bunch of different types of tea.
There is a color between red and orange ..i liked that
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