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Recommended by one of T410's tea experts, T2 is a web-based tea shop with a "tea club" business angle. 
Nice looking site and packaging too.

Do you buy tea online?
A silky sweet treat. Velvety vanilla plays with caramelised nuts in a golden honey brew.
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Someone needs to learn how to spell......................LOL!
I haven't bought tea online, but I know where to buy it online!
what website do you order your tea? are they that flavored kind?
I could buy sometea offline 
Oh my brother mentioned this tea to me. He sold it in a cafe he ran in New Zealand.
T2 does have physical stores as well, I was in one this afternoon in fact! The best thing about going in is the pots of freshly brewed tea (hot in winter, iced in summer) to sample and the "smelling table" with small cups of dried leaves.

Drank a cup of creme brulee tea this afternoon. Was quite delightful.
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