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Confucius was onto something.
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Aww so cute! People please add me to your circles!
Confucius in Chinese :孔夫子
I knew I liked that good stuff for more than relaxation.
Confucius says, man who drink much tea, always have to pee.
am first hangover 90ml pac.
Jose M
Love the philosophy!
I mean dark. I don't mean to insult anybody and if somebody thinks so sorry.
Jose M
I thought people now a days were mature enough to talk about the color black.
Interesting choice of quotes. Avoids responding to his larger works on obedience and support of a bureaucratic government. Which if it listened to the full teachings of Confucius would be a virtuous government.
You can easily ruin a cup of tea by adding loads of sugar to it, use honey :) its yummy, does the trick and is alot healthier! <3Tea
Too bad it tastes like piss water.
ни хера по англ. не понимаю,бл...,но чай в компании собеседников в "окне" с верху и с низу попил бы !
Then, unable to leave a good thing alone, many decided to boil water, milk, sugar and tea leaves to concoct purgative brew...
i drink only green tea and black tea
philosiphical!! My family and I enjoy drinking tea.
Can't live without tea. In my country it's tea is one of the most traditional drinks))
but did he fill it with cows milk and refined sugar?
Builder's tea - it's functional, but can only be made with love.
but probably not what Confuscious was talking about...
Makes me want to drink tea A LOT more often
It tastes good but I don't feel anything special happening to me like that.
big werds smol brian heer!
(big words small brain here!)
Wanda J
+Amin Rodriguez Nothing is 'just' anything. The lowliest creature has many uses, including you and tea.
i love tea i`m a tea lover. drinking tea every in every time
“Tea tempers the spirit and harmonizes the mind; dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens thought and prevents drowsiness”.
Lu Yu "the Sage of Tea".
"Tea is mud" - James Bond (actually Ian Flemming wrote it but he had JB say it)
enjoying a pot of Earl Gray with bergamot right now
Doug M.
...and then Confucius took a long, deep drag off of his opium pipe...
Хоть один по русски напишите комент. хоть на "ломаном" :)
Все языки Приглашаем на чай за десять!
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