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Providing free educational resources to teachers and parents since 1998.
Providing free educational resources to teachers and parents since 1998.


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Friday is National Puzzle Day! We have some of the best puzzle creation tools on the internet. Get started now, they are quick and free!
♦ Brain Teasers
♣ Word Search Maker
♥ Crossword Maker
♠ Sudoku
♦ Word Scrambles
♣ Maze Maker
And Many More! Pre-made word lists make for ultra fast custom puzzles!

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Start the New Year with new PEN PALS! Go to our site ➡ Click on your Grade ➡ find a match! This is a free 'classroom matching' service!
NOTE: In general 'AGE - 5 = GRADE'. So in 5th Grade you will find mostly 10 year olds.

📫 Kindergarten: Jamaica, Ghana, Thailand, Canada, United States(9), Australia, United Kingdom(2), Taiwan, Mongolia, Dominican Republic,
📫 Grade 1: Italia, Canada, Spain, France, United States(25), Ecuador,
📫 Grade 2: United States(52), United Kingdom(2), Ireland, Canada(3), France, Kenya, Australia(2), Slovenija, España, Singapore,
📫 Grade 3: Japon(2), Italia, Thailand, Taiwan, France, Canada(2), Uruguay, United Kingdom(7), Australia(6), United States(54), Ecuador, Saint Lucia,
📫 Grade 4: Türkiye, Россия, South Africa(2), Deutschland, Ireland, Ghana, Canada(2), España, Norge, United Kingdom(2), France, United States(45), Australia(4), Argentina, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Romania,
📫 Grade 5: Australia(2), Türkiye, Danmark, Panama, Réunion, Lietuva, España(2), United Kingdom(2), Canada(2), Dominique, Pakistan, Italia(3), United States(44), France, Estonia, Brasil, Spain,
📫 Grade 6: Россия, Italia, France, Schweiz, Danmark, Canada, México(2), Sverige, Slovenija, Norge, Egypt, Laos, United States(37), España, Uganda, Magyarország, Ireland(2), New Zealand, Australia(3),
📫 Grade 7: Türkiye(2), usa, Espanya, Deutschland, 대한민국, Taiwan, France(5), Ireland, España(2), United States(18), South Africa, Danmark(6), Canada(3), Россия, Österreich(2), Australia(2), Turkey,
📫 Grade 8: Chile, UkHva4WAvpt, Danmark, South Korea(3), Italia, France(4), Taiwan, España(3), United States(11), Canada, Norge, Россия, El Salvador, Indonesia,
📫 Grade 9: Tunisie, Denmark, Deutschland, Česká republika, Suisse, France(2), Malaysia, Philippines, Guatemala, South Africa, Brazil, United States(7), Mongolia, Schweiz, Australia,
📫 Grade 10: Australia(2), Ireland, España, Polska(2), Italia, United States(7), France(5),
📫 Grade 11: Česká republika, Malaysia, México, Ecuador, France(2), United States(8), Deutschland,
📫 Grade 12: España, United States(2), Молдова, Uruguay, France, Deutschland, Can't find a match? Click 'Add my class' below the map

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On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white man. This was a brave action by Parks. What is the bravest thing you have ever done? Be sure to include details about the event and why you think you were brave.

We have a different Daily Writing Prompts for every single day of the year!

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We have a bunch of stuff for December:

🎅 Christmas Activities:
✴ December Activities: Including Hanukkah, Holiday Around the World, New Year's, and more:
✳ December Bulletin Boards:
✴ December Writing Prompts:
✳ December Events (historical):
✴ And more - just use our search box to find what you need!

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We some some November activities and resources including activities for:
🍁 Veterans Day - Nov 11th
🍁 Thanksgiving - Nov 26th
🍁 Fall, Elections, Colonial America, Revolutionary War, and more.
🍁 Be sure to check out our Event Calendar with daily historical events
🍁 Our November Daily Writing Prompts will provide a fun creative writing activity that is based on a historical event that happened on that day, every day.

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Coloring Pages for Halloween #Halloween

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Don't forget Halloween! Get fun activities here: #Halloween @teachercorner

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🎃 💀 Halloween is coming quick! 💀 🎃 Get started with some fun activities! @teachercorner

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October 9th 1876, the first two-way telephone conversation took place. If you could call anyone, who would it be and why? @teachercorner Daily Writing Prompts for October:

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Halloween and October bulletin board ideas!
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