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If given the choice would you rather have a GS Mini Maple, GS Mini Blackwood or GS Mini Rosewood? What about an 814ce with Cocobolo back and sides? 400 series Baritone...

The Spring LTD's are here!
Here's a vid of Taylor guitar builder Andy Powers discussing the new models.
Specs and pics available here -->
Taylor guitar builder Andy Powers discusses this year's Spring LTD collection that features a pair of cocobolo 800 Series guitars, Hawaiian koa 300 Series mo...
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Anyone know where I can find one of these capo guitars? I can't seem to find them listed anywhere?????  It's the coolest thing I've seen guitar wise. WTF???
Mini-Capo Guitar
Got myself a 814 Cocobolo.The best guitar I have ever played and it's a stunner!
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