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Some new bugs what I just can seeing now as I tried to use BUPNP lot more times for/from external storage.

1, Seems that from external HDD the seeking in the movie is not working. The same file on the Android device itself is perfect but from external storage almost all my test videos not seekable. The only one file in what I could seeked one ~600MB AVI.

2, There are some general problem with Chromecast. I'm not sure yet but try to explain those. Also there are some problems with different file/types/contents.

2a, Video in MP4 container simply not works with Chromecast. With the same videos I got unsupported format on my Samsung TV. If I convert the video to MKV the problem is solving but: if I serve that file from desktop PC through Serviio Media server there is no problem. That MP4 file works instantly works with BUPNP as control device on the same Chromecast and Samsung TV. The video contains H264 video and 5.1 AAC streams. Also can serve that video with integrated cast possibilities of Solid Explorer t Chromecast without problem. This video also not playing through local MX Player through BUPNP controlling while directly from MX Player works fine.

2b, Also there is a problem with lot of videos from external storage with Android. While the file served from Android device itself is playable without problems lot of videos from external device is exit in the first some 10 seconds. This is a general problem with Chromecast and Samsung TV also. The movie starts but after 20-30-40 sec it is randomly quit. Same videos on the Android device itself is working fine and also works fine from Serviio through BUPNP as controller from the same external HDD.

2c, Playing videos on Chromecast seems always tell us the audio problem possibilities as in the most of the cases the result is fine. I understand that for the perfect error handling it's nice to show a warning but on cases where we know that there should not be a problem I think it's really no needed as could scaring:)

2d, If I remember correctly there was a file what worked from directly taped from Solid Explorer on external device but not worked when I tried to open it from Android file picker in BUPNP but simply don't remember what and not finding now and I'm verry angry about it as I got some other task while I tested it at morning what was the reason of my 'forgot'.:(

For now I think these are the most problematic ones. If you need any log for it or any of it please tell me, and that how can I reach the corresponding logs (I know there is an option to turning on detailed logs saved onto SD card in options.).

Very lot of thanks for your further efforts!

Best regards, 

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Dear +bubblesoftapps!

As I wrote in my last comment in another thread I have a problem with the usage of the Android file picker.

- When I open a movie file from library as classic operation your app open the movie file and of course the subtitle file when there is one next tot the movie file. This is the classic method what is always worked for me.
- In case when I open a movie file from Android file picker (as from USB OTG device you can not browse it normally from library as there is a problem with the mount point what you wrote about as a MM problem) your app take the movie but not the subtitle file next to it. This is not a problem as you made the possibility to attach a subtitle file discretely from the now playing screen. The problem is that in this case BUPNP not use directly the subtitle file at it's original path but copy one instance to /sdcard/BubbleUPnP/subtitles/ folder and stream the subtitle from there. This is a nice method as in this case you can use subtitles from any path not just the optimal method with next to the movie.

The problem is - I mean the problem what seems to be the problem for me but I'm not sure in it - that with this method the automatically copied subtitle file will have not the correct name structure as BUPNP not leave the original name of it (what is as working method would be very nice in lot of problematic cases). With the wrongly renamed subtitle file my TV simply not recognized the subtitle and the result of it is the not available subtitle on the TV.

The following screenshots you can se that when the movie file is 1.mkv and I put a near a subtitle with the same name but with different extension as This s clear and nice. This is when there is no problem. Te other situation is when I have no subtitle next to the movie or when I need to manually pick it up (when I open the movie from external device with Android file picker) as discrete process then BUPNP is copy that subtitle to the used Android device from the 'remote device' (USB OTG HDD) but with the following name structure: As you can see while works in the first case the not works on the second case. I'm not sure that the problem is really this but seems to legit for me and the original and real problem is simply with the usage of Android file picker discretely for movie and the subtitle will result for me a not subtitled movie on my TV.

The used devices the following:
- Sony - Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact with an external HDD (through USB OTG)
- Samsung - 55D7000

My TV can handle simply the subtitles in any other situations. The only problem is when I try to use the Android file picker method separated for the movie and the subtitle file.

Hope you can help me and with my investigations you can solve the problem (maybe with trying to change the renaming structure).

Thanks a lot for your efforts and helps!

(I dropped some screenshots just to show you the problem what seems to me.)
2017. 03. 15.
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Hello to all!

As a relatively new Muzei user sorry to my question if it's too trivial but got no exact answer for my question yet.

Are there any Muzei backend plugin for Google Drive? A random custom picture flow from a configured folder would be awesome.

(Anyway Muzei itself is fantastic so lot of thanks for the developers and for the efforts!)

Thanks for your answers in advance!

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Towel,with a 20 minute render GOD DAMNIT

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"Golden Valley"
By Albert Dros Alpe di Siusi, Dolomites when the sun peaks above the mountain range. This was taken during a sunrise. I had to wait quite some time for the sun in the cold. The sun finally shining some heat on me was a nice feeling :) - Albert Dros

#photography #landscape #italy #dolomites

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Az első teljes értékű, magyar kiosztású, és 3 különböző eszköz váltásra instant is képes BT billentyűzet. Évek óta vártam erre, mert bár a +Logitech már régóta összerakta ezt a típusú eszközt de magyar kiosztással még mindig nem létezik, pontosabban nem létezett eddig.

Sajnos nem a prémium típusokból való, amit én személy szerint nagyon sajnálok, mert lakókörnyezetben szeretem a szépet, de mivel évek óta nincs ilyen billentyűzet, most még annak is örülök, hogy egyáltalán van/lett. Így legalább nem sok tízezres, fájdalmas költés;)

Azonnali előrendelésben, immáron több kollégának is:)

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If you missed it, the Free PBR Textures Library is open
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