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Why Man United 2012/13 are better than Arsenal's Invincibles. Click here to find out why-

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Kudos for you for generating an article which will get people talking, but of course your article actually shows that the Invincibles were a better team when looking at the line-ups.
The invincibles did play some outstanding football that particular season, not all wins but always entertaining and rarely looked like losing. This season, Man Utd have for them looked average and unstable at times particularly in first half of season. They seem to have shifted up a gear now and look like title winners. For the entertaining football and not one loss, the Invincibles were incredible but overall, Man Utd never give up, dig deep and as the season progresses find something in reserve to secure 3 points. My choice would be Man Utd who on current form look like winning with at least 12 clear points.
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