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Drogba or Torres: who would you pick against Barcelona?
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Ben JC
Dogba all day long. Woof woof.
Thores should start in the second leg. Drogba is power at the Bridge.
Yeah, base squad selection on what a player did half a decade ago for his team before last.
Drogba without a shadow of a doubt. Its folly to even think of trying to play Torres in a semi against Barca.
Drogba will do the damage! chelsea is winning the game tonight
Ben JC
"Fernando Torres: Has scored 2 goals from 27 attempts on goal in this season's CL, while Didier Drogba has 4 goals from 17 shots"
Torres hasn't got the goals, but has the pass and ability to get behind an aging defense and bring other players into the game. Sure, drogba is a force to be reckoned with but he's slow and will be out paced and out played by the back four. Bring him on in the last half an hour to put pressure on them
Psst +Jason Dexter you can just edit posts on G+! ;-)
PS - Torres isn't really in the scoring habit whilst Drogba is. Barcelona's defence is on record as saying playing Drogba is the stuff of nightmares.
both since I would play torres in midfield and drogba up front. It'll make no difference since barcalona will win.
+Alex Smith Torres in midfield?!?!?! With ideas like that you could be in line to be the next Chelsea manager and be less successful than AVB.
I have to agree with Madwo, Alex. What?
Ben JC
Play Torres in defence. Maybe his awful luck and general awfulness will rub off on the Barcelona attackers?
Drogba all day long - In form and when he's up for it there is no one better
I would've thought bringing on a fresh legged drogba in the last half an hour against a tiring back four would be better?
Love CFC but Torres at Atletico was probably a different player than he is today...
Ben JC
Epic fail.
+Ben Crabb Restricting your opponents to 1 shot on target and no shots at all in the 2nd half.... at their ground is an "epic fail"?!
Ben JC
I don't follow. Chelsea won, Drogba scored and Torres didn't play... 
Hindsight, wonderful thing and all that.
And that is why I'm not a football manager
Drogba should most definitely start. Whilst Torres has seemed to have found a bit of form recently, Drogba still has that beast mentality which Chelsea need against a team like Barcelona. I'm not a Chelsea fan, but I'd back Drogba over Torres to come good in the second leg.
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