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Man United were reportedly preparing a bid of £55million to bring Ronaldo back to Old Trafford, but with Bale’s outstanding form it could be argued that the Spurs star is just as valuable.

Which player would you rather have at your club- Ronaldo or Bale?
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i luv both of them and i want both of them 2gether at real madrid,chelsea or man u
On current form, Bale is outstanding, frequently well above average but last few matches, untouchable. Ronaldo is a long term proven goal assist/scorer and has the ability to turn a match whilst turning defenders inside out. If I had to choose one, it would be Ronaldo.
I'm a Spurs fan and even though I hate Ronaldo if I had the choice I would have Ronaldo over Bale. Bale will never be as good as Ronaldo.
I'd have to go for Ronaldo, age, maturity, proven track record over years.
Bale is still young and I have no doubt if he's handled correctly he will
continue to be a proven world beater.
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