Like many places, cross-faction relationships have been difficult at times in Perth - but since November, a series of cross-faction operations has been changing that.

Three weeks ago, inspired by the December #GlyphChallenge, we put together Harmony in the City - a plan to make a huge Harmony glyph across the central business district. You can read about it here:

The challenge was announced officially shortly afterwards, so we decided to do it again - this time with the colours swapped!

On Sunday 30 december 2018, led by @octarine(R), agents @bluesfemme(E), @BobKeever(E), @grrrunt(R), @ReverendWileyG(R) and @thestarfigment(E), spread out across the city centre, clearing blockers, and capturing key anchors. Then it was time for the core feature of the operation - four simultaneous crossing links!

Perhaps there was a sense of hubris, after nailing this on only our second attempt last time. Perhaps spending more time thinking about our pub celebratory location rather than updating our key quantities was misplaced enthusiasm :D

However, this is a story of never, ever, give up.

After four attempts at the four-way crosslink - where we realised maybe it was not going to be so easy this time - we were hit hard by an outside link that traversed the heart of the op zone. But the go get'um attitude of our team mate, chasing down the link 15 mins away on foot, kept our motivation high. (And as always, we are so grateful to the agents who let us try for the art and graciously move the gameplay elsewhere; thank you, thank you).

Another nine attempts. What are we doing so different this time, was the quandary. Particularly, as this time of year people have family and other commitments; could we keep going as the team got smaller and smaller?

This time, perseverance was the key! As you all know, deliberate cross-linking is all about the timing. After realising our timers were starting to diverge, we re-met, re-set, expressed concern about some failing batteries (3+ hrs into the total op) and set out again.

With 17 failed attempts behind us, with 50% of them resulting in three links through ("So close!", was the oft-repeated anguished cry), we set our next throw as 17 mins on the re-set timers.

Success! Perseverance was rewarded with success, and the re-harmonising of the city was complete!

PS: After 2:53 hrs from first attempt to completion, we were so weary we did not even pub it lol.

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