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The road less travelled...

We look at this picture and wonder, how much of itself has this tractor given to the world! Maybe that is why people call it the world's favorite tractor - the #MF1035 from #TAFE

#MasseyFerguson   #Tractors  Image Source: Mera Rajasthan 
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Do we really need to caption this image? What say?
#TAFE   #tractor   #srilanka   #haulage  
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Thanks Sandun Kaluarachchi for sharing this picture of the TAFE tractors in action with us.

Have you shared your #pictures of TAFE, #MasseyFerguson or #Eicher #tractors yet? If not, share it right away by posting it on our Facebook Page. The best ones will get #featured on our page! #SriLanka
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Here's how you indulge in the beautiful game - Change your system wallpaper with this picture!

Which team are you rooting for this #FIFA #WorldCup?

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Photo: An MF 245 tractor fitted with a subsoiler. A subsoiler is an extremely efficient implement used for breaking the hard pan below the top layer of soil, which stimulates deep root growth to help crops withstand drought conditions. It aerates the soil and helps bringing the nutritious subsoil layer above the surface.
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That's how you do it in style! A fan shared photo of a proud #TAFE customer with his brand new #MasseyFerguson #tractor. #India. |
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Planning to step out this weekend? Then this is a must read!
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Have them in circles
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Here's an interesting #picture of #TAFE #tractors empowering #fisheries in #SriLanka. Check this album to see some #unusual and #interesting stuff that tractors do, from around the world! Click here:
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what types of this tractor application?
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Recently, one of our initiatives - Project TrAction, received recognition from our associates for the wonderful work done by the team, that called for celebrations all round, and the TrAction team was joined by members from our Senior Management Group.

Check the link to know more on TAFE CAFE:
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Can you name this #implement  attached to the #MasseyFerguson 7250 DI #tractor from #TAFE?
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we are manufacturer of hydraulic valve.
like as modile direction control valve and hydraulic Reversible  Plough over turning Valve
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Meet the hero of yesteryears, the Ferguson TE20, also known as the Little Grey Fergie. Check out more such interesting pictures on our Flickr Page:
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Working closely with people who make a living off the land and operating in a space that involves its nurture and productivity, made us extra sensitive to the needs of the environment.

Every bit of land we own and every piece of infrastructure we create is in harmony with the eco-system around it. All our plants are ISO 14001 certified for environmental policy compliance and management systems and all our products meet stringent standards of export and domestic markets.

Nurturing green is in our DNA. It's not just a day that we celebrate, but a way of life for all of us at TAFE. Join us in cultivating a cleaner greener world, and a better tomorrow. Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay!
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Cultivating The World!
TAFE is a US$ 1.6 billion tractor major incorporated in 1960 at Chennai in India, in collaboration with Massey Ferguson (now owned by AGCO Corporation, USA). TAFE acquired the Eicher tractors business, its engine plant at Alwar and transmissions plant at Parwanoo through a wholly owned subsidiary “TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited" in 2005.

A member of the Amalgamations Group of Chennai, this company has four plants in India involved in tractor manufacturing at Mandideep (Bhopal), Kalladipatti (Madurai), Doddaballapur (Bangalore) and in Chennai and a new overseas plant in Turkey.

Apart from being among the top three tractor manufacturers in the world, TAFE is also involved in making diesel engines, gears, panel instruments, engineering plastics, hydraulic pumps, plantations and passenger car distribution through other divisions and wholly owned subsidiaries.

TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of TAFE, which was set up in 2005 when TAFE acquired Eicher tractors, the Eicher engines plant at Alwar and the Eicher transmissions plant at Parwanoo. The company manufactures the Eicher brand of tractors at its plant near Bhopal at Mandideep, diesel engines at its plant at Alwar and transmission components at Parwanoo. The Eicher brand of tractors has a distinguished heritage of 50 years in India. Known for its unique distinction of offering a range of both air and water cooled tractors, its tractors span the 20 to 60 HP segment and have been well received in this segment. Their less than 30 HP range has commanded market pre – eminence in this segment. The diesel engines from its Alwar plant find a variety of automotive, genset and industrial applications including the telecom and retail sectors. The transmission unit at Parwanoo serves in house needs as well as to other OEMs including TAFE.

Areas of Business:
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Tractors
  • Diesel Engines
  • Gears & Transmissions
  • Engineering Plastics
  • Batteries
  • Panel Instruments
  • Hydraulic Pumps & Cylinders
  • Vehicle Sales
  • Plantations
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