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Can you unlearn the things that you have learned?Nothing is absolute.
Can you unlearn the things that you have learned?Nothing is absolute.


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2017 Reading Goals and the setting of Goals
52 BOOKS I want to attempt to try and read 52 books again this year. I failed last year and the year before but this year I am determined to complete it! I feel this for me is a good number and manageable, plus it's only day 6 of 2016 and I have read 4 book...

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Thank you so much +Daisy Mariposa for managing our authors group so well.

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He's Jacob Barnett, the youngest astrophysicist till now, and today our American prodigy turns 17, happy birthday to him, wishing that he grabs the noble prize he's been tipped for and also proves Einstein's theory of relativity wrong (as he said, "one day I'll prove Einstein was wrong"), Jake, with his IQ more than the Einstein's and also with a master's degree in quantum mechanics is the real physics hero who also was diagnosed with autism, in a sum up, he's someone worth praising for.

#happybirthday   #jacobbarnett  

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Step 3: The Creative Breakthrough that involves Tension and Insight

“What separates Masters from others is often something surprisingly simple. Whenever we learn a skill, we frequently reach a point of frustration – what we are learning seems beyond our capabilities. Giving in to these feelings, we unconsciously quit on ourselves before we actually give up.”-Robert Greene, Mastery

Greene follows up with the final step, the breakthrough. This step involving frustration and tension sounds like the insight stage of creativity.

After grappling with the problem, mastery involves successfully navigating the frustration of no results. It is in this stage that many settle but mastery involves artful forward motion and also letting go at the right time.

Greene says that after 10 years of working through the problem of general relativity, Einstein decided to give up one day. The solution came to him when he woke up the next morning.

This letting go and allowing solutions to bubble up to the surface has happened many times.

“Creative Endeavors are by their nature uncertain.” ― Robert Greene, Mastery

All the tension released gives the mind to incubate and form associations that it missed in the past.

Greene’s ideas resonate with the stages of creativity where letting go after allowing an incubation stage is critical for insights to bubble up.

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” ― Robert Greene, Mastery

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If you are on the path of Meditation, It is necessary to understand that there is Unity in this Universe but not neccesarily Uniformity!...Let me explain this in much simpler way...If you take a can create millions of songs from the same instrument... Unity is Piano, similarly you can create thousands of paintings with same colors.. There is unity in color but need not be in painitings..... So If you step back and accept there are multiple relgions, Divergents ethnic groups...You can find Unity of Love, consciousness, Awarnesss beneath all this. Meditation is nothing but an inner journey to unite with that which connects everything......its coming home!

~Love....Suresh Gundappa
from "notes of a Drunkard"(unpublished diaries)


Image story: A muslim mother dressed in her religious Hijab and Burkha walking with her little son dressed as Hindu God Little Krishna  ....Source: Incredible India....
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