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The battle for Barnaby Joyce's seat of New England is shaping as the most closely-watched contest of the next election, with rural independent Tony Windsor now more likely than not to mount a political comeback.
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The Australian economy expanded at its slowest rate in more than four years in the second quarter, as sinking commodity prices, weak business investment and sluggish consumer spending put the brakes on growth.
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"Australia is now open for business" - T. Abbott, 2013
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Retired wrestling legend Jimmy Snuka has been arrested and charged with murder over the death of a girlfriend 32 years ago.
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He squashed her?
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New Zealand has edged closer to choosing a new national flag.
New Zealand has edged closer to choosing a new national flag, with the final four options revealed on Tuesday morning at a ceremony in Wellington.
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"The cross" +Trudi Allan??
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Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has accused Fairfax Media of trying to "bring the government down" for publishing stories about division in its most senior ranks.
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+Les Bell "You'll quite likely find ..." That would require a level of interest far beyond my capacity to care
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Jarryd Hayne has survived the first official cut at the San Francisco 49ers, as he was named in the team's 75-man roster named on Tuesday morning.
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never doubted him. hes not the only one that can do that, there must be a dozen....
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Have them in circles
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A furious Nick Kyrgios has taken aim at the New York crowd at the US Open, bewildered how a large contingency was allowed to procede courtside in the middle of a game during his first round loss to Andy Murray.
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Who honestly cares about his behaviour? If he was playing for Australia, I would have a problem with his childish little tantrums, but people forget that tennis (apart from David Cup and the Olympics) is the individual playing for themselves. I think the media spotlight on him when he spits the dummy is quite funny, because he is representing his generation more than his country. 
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J.K.Rowling had fans in a froth overnight with movement at the station on Platform 9 and 3/4.
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You mean Harry Potter's not a virgin?? When did this happen?
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Google is changing its logo and identity, reflecting a digital world centred on mobile devices.
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Channel Nine has confirmed it will film a pilot for a new panel show next week, featuring former Labor leader Mark Latham as a panelist.
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A joint investigation into 7-Eleven stores by 4 Corners and Fairfax Media has found systemic underpayment of wages and the doctoring of payroll records within the country's biggest convenience store chain.
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Hey no one has to work that's the pay take it or leave it plus they are all Indians not supposed to work they get a job then cause trouble
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7-Eleven Australia will set up an independent panel to review allegations of underpayment of staff by franchisees as well as franchise agreement terms. 
7-Eleven Australia will set up an independent panel to review ;allegations of underpayment of staff by franchisees as well as franchise agreement terms. ;
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