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Hope you enjoy this week's post!

#sweetreats  xx

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This week is yet again another apricot bake, providing you with a tasty,unbelievably healthy recipe. Thanks for passing by if you do and please comment on what you would like me to blog about next.

Ta-ta! 🙋💋💘💘#sweetreats xx 😘😜

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Whilst making this week's recipe, I managed to sniff flour up my nose!😂 This could explain why this blog post is published rather late.😂 Anyways,it's been a real pleasure for me to get back into baking in the kitchen which has been WAY overdue so hope you enjoy and don't forget to +1!😘😜

#sweetreats xx

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Happy Earth Day guys! +1 if you like this image. #sweetreats xx

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Have an egg-sellent Easter and enjoy!

#sweetreats  xx

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Guys, listen up for the following:

I know it's late, I know it's cold
But listen to these words of gold:
I understand times have been rough and hard,
Possibly as deep as the name Mazar,
There's been some good times too,
As a crew.
But now the time has come,
To say goodbye and leave nothing but the scrum of a crumb,
I hope you miss, me I hope you care,
And realise you can follow your dreams anywhere!
For this is..the end of heir.
Heir of fools!

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Hope you enjoy this week's post. Don't forget to tag me under #sweetreats  


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Do something funny for money(all in aid for Comic relief).Including well-known celebrities, everyone, including myself is enrolling an equal part in raising money for charity.

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Big thanks to Aleeha ( for nominating me for an award. I'm back with a tag, which I've been meaning to participate in for quite some time. Therefore, I hope all is well and you enjoy. Don't forget to follow me on Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat AND BLOGlOVIN.

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