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Yes I'll agree that Google+ rules already, and it will only be bigger and bigger, but I don't agree with this post about Mobile. Because for that we need a better mobile Google+ app, or even better: an API so that third-party developers can make better Google+ apps. I mean, look at the difference between the awesome TweetBot app that has everything we need, and the official Google+ app? Heck! You can't even copy text or links in the Google+ app! No instapaper, evernote, readability support either... It has no features at all... It's like a web app wrapped in a native UI...
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I agree! I prefer the Google+ app over the FB app but it's still lacking in several areas.
I agree, G+ can win this social network battle if they manage to successfully integrate with Android and develop a quality app or an API for other mobile platforms like IOS and Windows Mobile.
"Android already offers some Google+ integration but if Google’s previous patterns of behavior are any indication, the future versions of Android will come fully integrated with Google+."

Won't happen. In order to use G+ you need to have a public google profile (and then there's the whole #nymwars thing). You can't really expect that from every phone user - so full G+ intergeneration would be a negative for Android.
+Stefan Svartling I think the Android team would be better off with pluggable integration (ie, a standard set of social intents) - if you want a "G+ phone" then you install a G+ app, if you want FB you install FB integration app, etc.

You don't want to go down the MS road of hobbling one business unit for the benefit of another. That road leads to irrelevance for all business units.
Google+ really needs to improve the mobile experience. How links are parsed is a big issue for me...without a preview of where the link takes you nobody will be interested in clicking on the link. The most recent update improved truncation of long posts but i desperately wish it hooked into Android's share API so posts could be emailed or saved to other apps like Evernote.
While I largely agree - Google+ (and in fact Twitter) wins in one area that Facebook is a major let down. The native Facebook android app - has NO notifications. Facebook don't appear to think it is even vaguely important to actually tell you when something happens so that you can return and take action. Official Twitter app notifications pretty much works as expected and Google+ app notifications work too. It is for this single reason alone that I am lucky if I visit Facebook more than a few times a week - and visit Google+ pretty much every time I get a notification.
+Scot McSweeney-Roberts Android is totally pluggable - Twitter, Foursquare, Skype, Google+ all use this open API's for Android to intergrate themselves into the Android experience - The contacts appear in Android contacts, the pictures appear in Android contact and the status updates appear in Android contacts. With Android 4 this integration goes even further - meaning app developers can push status updates from their social network into a mini news feed style section in the contacts app. Additionally - any application that wants to share something - sends a share intent and a list of apps that accept share intents pop up (like SMS, Gmail, Email, Twitter, Google+ etc etc) Any app can register to receive these sharing intents.
Google+ is not really "integrated" on new Android 4 handsets any more than Google Maps is. In reality - Google+ is pre-loaded - and just uses the aforementioned API's that hook into the OS. The details of how to do this are publicly available. Any social network that wants to do it - can easily do it. However - as Facebook have consistently refused to do pretty much anything to make their app halfway decent on Android - don't hold your breath for them to change now.
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