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It's true that Apple hasn't blow our minds since the first iPad in 2010, if you only counts hardware. I think OS X Lion was awesome. Very interesting to read that Tim Cook says they will release products this year that will. I think it will be another incredible year for Apple.
Apple hosted its annual shareholder's meeting yesterday in Cupertino, California. This marked the first time that Tim Cook addressed the company's board and
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And can you name any other company that has "blown your mind" in the last 10 years?
I would seriosly say that Samsung has "blown my mind" with the Samsung Galaxy S2. The screen is just the most awsome I've ever seen, and my Samsung SmartTV was absolutly an eyeopener of what we may expect from the near future. So I'd say you're wrong there, +John McElhenney.
+Totte Löfström the UI totally sucks on my new Samsung SmartTV.. Totally useless. The only way to use it is via my iPhone as remote... And Samsung just copies everything, so no blow of the mind there.
Apple blown our minds with iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. Now everyone tries to copy them..
No Android phone is original enough to "blown our minds". No one. You need to come up with an original product to do that.
Totte, Wrong? I was asking if there were any other "mind blowing" tech. You seem to say yes.
get out of the apple reality distortion field before its too late! lol
+Stefan Svartling To each there own, so long as you realize there IS life outside of apple and many people will NEVER buy into a closed proprietary system (ios).
+Stefan Svartling Thats a subjective statement, and many people don't want to be told how to use the devices they paid there own money for as well.
+Stefan Svartling try installing software not from the itunes store on it, it just long as you hold it right, or put a bumper on it......take care and good luck :)
+Daniel Wilson You mean App Store, why Would I want to install something outside from the store and get viruses and malware?
+Stefan Svartling Itunes App Store, i forgot apple tried to trademark app store. Thats good for you, but not for me, as I don't need someone from apple to hold my hand and tell me how to use a device that i paid for with my money. Its my hardware once I pay for it, therefore, I should be able to install whatever software i want on it. Its a freedom of speech thing for me, software is a language, and I don't want apple or the government telling me what i can and can't say!
Copied tech does it count? If not what about cydia that was they before the appstore? What about windows tablets?. Not nit picking just wish people would get past the my teams better than yours and get on with using the products they like.
+Barry Smith Cydia? If ios and apple are so great, why even bother with cydia? What was copied again? The iphone was evolutionary, apple marketing made it revolutionary. Don't know what windows tablets have to do with the conversation, I haven't seen one yet commercially available. I agree, use the products you want buy with your own money. The problem i have though is that apple has been elevated to some kind of deity level, criticize apple or ios and your going to hell cuz everyone knows apple and ios are just know......rainbows and unicorns?
+Stefan Svartling google "itunes app store", first hit is titled "App Store Downloads on Itunes". I don't really care what you call it, it's semantics.....
+Daniel Wilson Apple copied the appstore from cydia idea. Windows tablets was around years ago running windows mobile (remember the guy's asking questions in supermarket door ways that's what they used). Apple did not invent the tablet? Just re invented the way to use it. ie copied walkman just changed the way we used it, not really mind blowing stuff just somebody else's idea re marketed . But thats the way tech goes one idea re invented and re marketed. Media whipped up the frenzy of hype to cash in on the arguments that follow, What else would we have ever talked about?. Talking about companies facebook, google make the growth of apple look slow.
wow now THIS was confusing for a few mins......But I agree with My fellow +Barry Smith
Guess google needs to refine the "+" adds in comments, +Barry Smith is in my gamerz and swtor circles and is given to me as the first choice for Barry Smith. Anyway: HAPPY FRIDAY everyone.
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