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I don't think that Google+ is so fun anymore. I don't know why though. One reason is becasue all the Apple hate here has scared away most of my Apple friends. They never comments anymore. They are all on Twitter now. I see them +1 sometimes though, but no one dares to make a comment. SO when I post about what I love, I hardly get any interaction at all.

I hope it can change. Kinda boring at the moment.
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+Stefan Svartling I like hearing what you have to say. Keep it coming. Sorry your fans are so quiet. Google+ has gone quieter for me as well but it's still my favorite social network by far. It provides me the greatest flexibility and control.
apple hate? Haven't see that yet. this is the most sedate of social media I hang out in. Very little controversial. At least for me.
keep on posting. it´s going to be better again :)
+Dan Morrill Not for me. Has been like that from the beginning. I think I have blocked over 300 Android Fanboys that always destroys my posts. And it grows every week.
Sounds like its time to start circling some new peeps!
+Stefan Svartling My experience is the exact opposite as my interests and circles have grown beyond tech to include science, journalism, the arts, and photography. The quality of thinking and discussion is great, I've found. I have learned, though, that it pays not to "criticize" Android here!
Comm on someone has to keep posting apple stuff....I love apple and bananas!!!!
I'm on my iPhone right now... ;)
+Carole Rigonalli Lol! :) Yeah I have been fighting since July, so i will probably keep fighting. Just starts to be boring thats all.
Wait til most people are using Google+. Also, can't really blame anyone. Not even the Android fanboys nor Apple fanboys.

I comment on your posts when I have something to say. I +1 it if I agree or like it.

Eventually, people will just do the same. Maybe they dont have something to say but if they have... Then man up guys. Dont be afraid of the fanboys.
+Stefan Svartling I feel differently. Google + and Android are not exclusively linked. Again, I'm on my iPhone and the G+ app works wonderfully. I simply try to avoid those that are here to expand and explode a single minded point of view for or against anything. It's a conversation...If I only talked to people that agreed with me...I'd be bored out of my head.
+Stefan Svartling I don't see a lot of Apple hate. I see a lot of Android posts, but that is because I accepted some shared circles with lots of Android developers in them. The stuff they post on Android development is meaningless to me, but many of their other posts and their comments are quite useful.

I've been using Macs since the Lisa era - I've sold them and supported them and owned them and loved them. But I also have real problems with Apple as a company, and I am increasingly uncomfortable with the locked in application eco-system that Apple is creating, and the way they are tying things together so tightly.

I hate the fact that I had to upgrade from my perfectly good iPhone 3G because they upgraded my apps so that they wouldn't run on it. In the old days, on a Mac, you could always access, and keep, the old versions that ran on your older OS. That seems basic, but seems to have been abandoned as a principle for the iPhone - I suspect as a way of forcing people to continually upgrade. Likewise with the new OS releases. The fast pace there is unnecessary, and is driven by the iPhone completely - by the desire to weld the computer and the iPhone together as strongly as possible. Since Apple is raking in the dough on the iPhone.

The problem I have been having on Google+ is the amount of sharing and resharing, and memes, and cute cat pictures, and stupid notions like "follow Friday." And the number of people on G+ who are in the business of G+ - who "work" as G+ consultants.

It becomes like an airless echo chamber: seeing the same internet meme pictures over and over again, interspersed with posts from G+ experts directly you to their blog posts on how to be a G+ expert.

I think the answer is to pick the good people to follow. Some suggestions: +Pasi Ääpälä , +glyn moody , +Betsy McCall , +Craig Newmark , +Tim O'Reilly +Christine Paluch , for starters.

And I know there must be lots of Apple circles out there that someone will share with you.
+Chino Yray No, I am not afraid of the fanboys, If you would have followed me from the beginning, you should now that by now ;)
+Stefan Svartling sorry your not having fun on g+ anymore, but you are an uber apple fan on G+.......G+ is where all the non apple fans go knew that right?
+Bryan Maher Yes they are linked. On every new Android phone that is activated, you also get an Google+ account.
I like Apple and Android. That is not allowed to some huh?
Keep here please, I'm a fan from you.
+Nick Chapman I see a lot of hate. And it doesnt matter who I am following. They can still comment on my posts. As I already said here in the comments, I need to block them. I already done that with 300 users approx.
The truth is this. Google+ was adopted early by mainly Google fans which would explain the Apple hate. Many Apple fans are joining though. You should create an Apple fan circle and notify them of your Apple posts(with their permission of course). You could continue sharing that circle and it would grow as time goes on
+Stefan Svartling - Yes, but not exclusively. They operate independently of each other. A Google ID and and Apple ID will get you to the same places. ;) I do hear what you're saying...loud and clear. I get flamed by HATERS all the time. Unfortunately, in order for me to get my views across as thoughtfully as possible, I have to endure, bigots, zealots, and haters of all varieties. Blocking is my last resort...but it's just part of the new digital frontier. Sort of like avoiding telemarketers and Mormons knocking at you door everyday. :)
Laura M
No, no! Don't go anywhere! I love all your apple posts!!!! You're right about there being a lot of apple hate, but that's because they're the company to prove you're better than. ;-) You trach me things all the time. I get xomfortable in my setup and stop exploring new feautures. I always look for your posts in my stream, so don't leave me.
+joan corbella Yeah I know :) You are one of very few Apple friends that dares to comment when the Android fanboys tries to kill my threads ;) I am thankful for that.
+Stefan Svartling I've been quite polite with you about our differences when it comes to ios vs android, I really hope you are not equating a polite discussion with hate........
People on G+ Often are in android age 20-35 or geeks....that's exactly where apple needs to gain land! I am with you since summer and we need guys that are not impress by knowitbetter and knowitalls! I am still searching for mothers...they have not arrived in big numbers and they are mostly using hubbys old iphone;) G+ has quote a way to go... Go along ;)
+Bryan Maher I have soon 27,000 followers, and I have blocked around 300 users, but I almost everytime get hate when I post about something I love (Apple).
+Stefan Svartling let's see if I can reproduce your findings. I have some ideas about Adobe on Mac and Windows, with Mac coming out straight ahead as the hands down winner.
+Daniel Wilson Of course not. You can behave ;) If I am not appreciate your comments you had been blocked by now. Don't get me wrong, I like to debate when the discuss is civilized.
+Stefan Svartling Sorry, but the apple reality distortion field doesn't extend to Google +. You can keep on blocking non iphans all you want, but you still aren't going to be happy. Good Luck!
+Stefan Svartling Man, I enjoy your posts and I too hope you stick around for those of us that do enjoy having you here. I'm happy to listen to you profess your love of all things Apple. Maybe learn a thing or two for the trouble of being interested....

I use a PC w/ Windows 7, have MacBook (10.5.1) and an iPhone4S.

I clearly see the differences as well as the benefits and negatives of both. Frankly, it keeps things interesting.

Once my Windows PC goes...IDK...I could go either way...just like I did when I got my new iPhone 4s to replace my HTC Hero 200 with Android 2.3.3. Honestly, I like my iPhone better than my Android. Why... the droid is trying to be all things...the just does what it's suppose to do. I'm really enjoying it...
+Stefan Svartling Well, the number of your followers may be why you get the hateful comments. I mean teh interweb in general is a cesspool of bottom-feeding scum. You want to see hate? Check out the comments on, the website for my hometown newspaper. It's so poisonous I am trying to get someone to write a code that will prevent the comments area from EVER loading in my browser, just so that I never inadvertently look at them.

I have a lot fewer followers, and they are mostly pretty civil. I've been blocked more than I have blocked - usually because of my left wing values and my tendency to call people out on their BS. Like one guy who was doing nothing in his posts but shilling for his own and other businesses: kind of like a home shopping network channel in my stream.
For what it´s worth I really appreciate you in the feed. I haven´t been that active overall lately due to work.
hehe, 53 comments. Since I didn't read them, I'm only guessing, but they can't all be from Apple-haters! .-)
PS: +Stefan Svartling I circled you, and not so I can troll your pro apple posts! I do like a civil debate as well.......its the differences in life that make it interesting!
I took on a parttime job because I didn´t have enough assignments in january. I should´ve played it cool. It meant I´ve been swamped :) A luxury problem, but still.

No that is finished though. You can see the result at if you like.
I post to Google+ from iPhone and Windows. No Android here. I rarely post about ANYTHING in blind admiration - but try to find a balance - playing the devil's advocate, and I comment posts from my point of view, as honest as I can. I don't think discussions should be about "winning" - but about understanding points of view.

You mostly post interesting and read-worthy posts, +Stefan Svartling, although sometimes I do get the urge to mutter something about the occasional fanboisms (but I resist).

My view on Apple: Great products, great philosophy on quality, and they have been breaking new ground in many areas - mostly by being first in the evolutionary race - but I'm not a big fan of how their customers become fenced in, and I do tend to believe that Apple have lost a bit of it's Cool over the last year or so. The coming year will in many ways be a year of tribulations for Apple, with the competitors eating into the areas where they until now have been dominant.
Yeah, I've noticed same thing with both camps. If someone comments something negative/positive about tech he/she is fan of, soon there comes someone who says it's bullsh*t and flames start to rise...

I just can't understand why people keep bashing something that they don't use and are using competitors products? I bash only products that I'm using myself or I am very familiar with. I'm not Apple basher, because I'm not using any of their products. Lots of people are, so they have to be good at some level at least.

My only negative aspect towards Apple is their ever on-going patent fights with other companies. I don't like "too general" patents from anyone. If Google had patented that, I would oppose it even I'm quite fanboy...

+Stefan Svartling Check out public circles by +Chris Porter, there's at least two circles for Apple people. Oh, and you can always make some more friends. I know 1% of people I've circled here... +Nick Chapman Thanks for mentioning!

Public circles:
From my point of view it's up to you how the g+ experience will be.
A crucial point is engagement both ways, and that there might be a discussion where there is a enviroment of "respect" both ways. I do not have strong opinions about your kind of topics, but I think there is important to be aware of that people are different and that there allways will be a risk of meeting "strange" or non polite people here. The block function is probably the option here, and eventually report them if you have to.
A good way to discussing topics, the way i see it is by doing a hangout face to face. In that way you can have a real dialogue....
Ben Li
Circle more widely. There are lots of fun people here.
+Ben Li Yeah but that doesn't stop the hate on my posts... As I already said, it doesn't matter who I follow.
+Lars Fosdal Well we have often disagree about things but I still appreciate your comments. And by the way, I don't agree this time either ;) 2012 will be an incredible year for Apple where they will revolutionize everything again with the iPad 3 (with the greatest display ever seen), and probably an Apple Television that will change how we see and use a TV. So 2012 will be an even greater year for Apple. I am totally sure about that.
You can like both Apple and Google and by extension even admire Android. But people get into a tribe mentality that I will never understand. Here in the US, you are expected to be a Republican or Democrat. I have ideas that would fall into both camps (that is why I hate two party politics and register independent)

I love Apple products but they are not perfect. Anytime someone blindly defends Apple, it sounds just as stupid to me as someone who blindly hates Apple.

Or Android

Or Microsoft.

Well, I guess it is OK to hate them, right?

I like your posts but don't comment much because I dont comment much on anything.

I hope Google+ sticks around and even if they are number 2 to Facebook, I would much rather hang out here than there.
+Ivar Choi Espedalen Yeah but it doesn't matter how much I engage on others posts. It is on my own posts about what love (Apple) I see the hate.
+Tom Towles Actually I don't think its OK to hate. Not in comments. And I really don't appreciate that on my posts.
+Stefan Svartling , I'm not saying that it's right, but it's normal that people's education is distributed according to a Gaussian curve. Most people will be respectful and sufficiently educated in expressing their ideas, even if they don't approve yours, but there will be a 2 or 3%, at the extreme of the curve, which will express themselves in a hateful way.

You said you blocked 300 people out of your almost 30.000 followers. IMHO, it's an excellent ratio: 1%, I would have expected much more!

Again, I'm not saying it's right, but so the world goes...

Also, you are on the other extreme of the Gaussian, and this contributes to stimulating stronger reactions. I mean, you are obviously an enthusiastic Apple lover, and you don't hide it :-) But one of the results is that you are a bigger and more visible "target" for those on "the other side".

Yesterday you posted about "Android phones being all equal". I read the comments, most of them were civil, but admit that as a starting point for a discussion it was not the most pacific one :-)
+Andrea Riva Great comment. Yes I know I often provoke people because I always write what I thinks. And because I have a few followers, I can get some users angry by the way I write. But I will never stop posting what I thinks, and I never post hate. Only my opinions.
+Christopher Rizzo Almost all Apple friends I had in the beginning, that commented very frequently on my posts has gone. From having great discussions about incredible Apple products, to having almost empty Apple posts with only Android lovers commenting on how much better Android is in about 8-9 months on Google+...
Ben Li
+Stefan Svartling Why would you consider letting the 300 who hate drive you away from the 27,000 others who appreciate your news and commentary?

Those you follow, and those who follow you back, form the basis of how allies and haters discover you and your posts. You will never win over all the haters, but you can at least crowd them into a corner to be ignored.
+Ben Li I have never said I will leave Google+, I just said it starts to get quite boring to only have Android lovers commenting on my Apple posts.
+Stefan Svartling "Only my opinions". That's good and deserves respect :-)

About G+ being boring: a natural high tide of social fatigue could be the cause, and if so, it will naturally go away, as it came. (although my idea is that G+ is inherently boring on the long run, because people gets worn out from discussing and discussing and discussing and discussing, sooner or later...)
Ben Li
+Stefan Svartling So if I take your original post literally, why is the solution not to selectively share some things with your circle of Apple friends (so that they can safely comment without being driven away by the haters), and with the public or other circles with different degrees of policing of comments?
+Ben Li because as I said, there is not many left here. They are scared aways because of the hate. AND I want my posts to be public so that they get indexed so well as they does now by Google.
By the way, thanks all for a great discussion. 82 comments is not bad.
Laura M
Part of the lag in discussion could be that its been a few months since Apple released a new product. We can all speculate about iPad3 or iPhone 5, but I'm just waiting to see. Its coming just around the corner. Discussion will pick up again when we all get new toys.

Btw, +Stefan Svartling, I was just showing some friends the Reader function in safari last night. I learned it from you. :-) Like me, these folks are regular apple users and they had no idea, but thought it was an amazing feauture. Sometimes its the simple things that matter.
+Laura Montier I hope you are right that the discussions will start again with new products. But when OS X Mountain Lion was announced I posted a lot about it here but hardly got any interaction at all.

And I am glad I could help at least a few friends ;)
Maybe people don't comment so much anymore is because we all have more people in our circles and more posts to comment on. I mean, when I started at g+ I saw your posts all the time but now they are like drowning in my stream.
Laura M
Well, I use PC's at work and don't get any say in what we use. And at home, I'm more interested in my mobile products. I barely turn on my macbook anymore.
+Laura Montier I use my MacBook Air 11-inch a lot because it is almost as small and light as my iPad, and starts as fast too with instant-on. But I'll agree Mobile is cool :)
So +Stefan Svartling
91 comments, Is it still boring;)
+Stefan Svartling while I see your point on Apple vs. Android (and as you know I am a somewhat impartial user/critic of both most of the time), I think there is something larger going on here. I sense that it has to do with the Suggested User List and the distortion/stratification of the community which has made things boring for many people.

Honestly, if I didn't use G+ as my Curation/Thinking tool first and foremost, I probably couldn't justify using it at all from the so-so engagement. I think many others have already started seeing the same thing and have been giving up, little by little.

Of course, that's not something you're allowed/supposed to say on here... kind of similar to what you are finding with Android tribalism. /cc +Alexander Becker
+Kurt Geer Yes my Apple posts is still boring because my Apple friends are gone. And I want to post about what I love. Too few are still here.
I have proof that Google+ is Android Land within my posts. Everytime I post about a new Android phone (I have even created a lots of videos about Android phones and posted here, and yeah, still I here that I am an Apple fanboy), I get an incredible amount of interaction, but not so much with Apple posts. I get a few from Apple lovers, but most comments are from Android users trying to tell how much better Android is.... That's why I think Google+ is getting boring.
+Johan Eriksson Yes you are right. I still thinks it starts to get quite boring if I can't have great discussions about Apple stuff.
I couldn't resist... comment #100 :-)

+Stefan Svartling , there were 2 interesting points in this discussion.+Laura Montier telling that part of boredom is coming from lack of real news from Apple, just rumors. I think she's right, but then it's just a matter of weeks before things start rolling again.

+Anders Karlgren made a different point, which I subscribe completely. As more people use G+ and the game of following increases, catching something in the stream is becoming more difficult. Someone will be curating their circles in order to track everything or will be using a "Mark as read" extension (as I do), but in general the chance that something goes missing will increase.
+Andrea Riva Lol! yeah you got the 100th comment :) I don't believe its the lack of Apple news though. As I said, when OS X Mountain Lion where announced, I posted a lot about it, but hardly got any interaction at all. And that was a very interesting news.
I have to agree with you +Stefan Svartling. There are some hostile androidusers here. Keep on blocking them or share to limited circles. Your posts are appreciated by many. 
Guess I need to add that there also are many very nice android users here as well. ;-)
I'm bored with fb for a while...content not as fantastic as yours :D
Some people seem trapped in a polarized view of the world, apparently mistakenly believing that to like Apple is to dislike Google. Google seems to promote this world view by promoting people who promote Android to a comical degree (often at the expense of Apple).

Neither parties seem to understand that such any fictional environment with a dramatically biased and dogmatic world view, with no eye to truth or integrity, will appeal to only a small subset of the world's population.

With regards to much of the anti-Apple fervor for the past 10 weeks, the story about Apple subcontractor Foxconn has turned out to be largely fictional. Evan Osnos of New Yorker comments in Apple, China and the Truth on indications that might have revealed many of the more dramatic elements of the story as fictional theater, not documentary journalism.

Now that many of the key details of the original Foxconn story have been revealed to be fictional, the true story that remains is the fascinating one of how the general population, and even journalists, get manipulated to sensationalize fictional accounts. Where are the retractions by other journalists who reported on this story as though it were factual news?
+Stefan Svartling I like my Apple iPhone. I'm also rooting for Google in many ways, especially Google+. It is because of my support for Google that I hate to see Google respond positively to people kissing up to Google, saying things that they think Google might want to hear.

Google employees do not seem immune to enjoying flattery, in fact Google seems to reward it here. But to pretend that Google is without flaws strikes me as a form of condescension, an insidious form of sabotage. Google is too close to its technology and products to make rational, unbiased assessments of where it is and where it needs to go. To make such a determination, it needs to develop close relationships with people experienced with, even supporters of, competing technologies and products. Google should shed itself of too-close relationships with disingenuous fanboys, thoroughly tainted from giving and receiving too much Google love. There's a broader world out there, and Google is sure to hobble its growth if the majority of its interactions and relationships are incestuous ones.
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