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I only use Safari Reader now because I want to read instantly both right at the moment and when saved for later. Instapaper always needs the articles to be downloaded first. With Reading List you can add posts to read later but you can read them instantly when you want. No need to download them first. That's why I only use Safaris Reading List and Reader feature now.
Mobile Safari Reader vs. Instapaper. by Dave Caolo on December 2, 2011 in Articles with No comments. Recently I was in a conversation and I asked, “Do you use iOS 5′s Reader function in mobile Safari?...
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I use Google Chrome as my web browser of choice here on my MacBook and just this morning downloaded and started using an extension called Evernote Clearly which appears to do realtime clean up of articles for reading and then lets you switch back to the original format immediately afterwards. I don't think it downloads before displaying. As the name suggests, you can clip the edited article to Evernote for reading later and you can also print - here on the Mac to paper or PDF.
+David Bird yes it's good. I posted about that some days ago. It doesn't work as good as Reader does on IOS though. That's why I use it on all my devices. And you can't save them to a reading list without need to sync before reading. 
I like Instapaper for the reading later bit, but won't deny that Safari reader is quite useful. There are a few other features in Instapaper I use as well.
+Timothy Wetzel I add posts to the reading list in safari to read later. They are instant. If you add them to instapaper, you always need to download them first. Not with reading list in safari.
Yeah, I gotcha there. Its the Push VS Pull comparison that Instapaper can't match at this point and time and I don't dispute it. :)
I'm a huge fan of the Reading List now. I use Safari for Windows at work and Safari for Mac at home - the latest update to OS X is mind blowingly good btw, super fast, less memory issues, two thumbs up!

The way it works across all the devices is really, really handy. I hope third party apps like Zite on iPad get to add to Reading List as well, I've lost count of the number of times I've wanted to add a Zite article to the Reading List!
+Paul Murley yes it's very good. Agreed that we need other apps and services to be allowed to add to the Reading list.
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