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If they launch an Apple TV set, then I believe it will have the same excellent user experience as all other Apple products, so the price will be affordable if you take the user experience into account.
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But then I wont have a reason to piece together my dream HTPC!
I'm sure their will be a working homebrew AppleTV within a month of its launch, for you new black Friday TV
"I'd like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use," Jobs told his biographer.

Just what's so hard about using a TV right now? Seriously. I guess it's hard to get to iTunes and buy stuff, but that's about it. (And what an iTV is really all about.)

And the iTunes head is in charge of this? Apple's absolute worst product? Yikes.

I was hoping for a nice $99-120 iTV 3 box to buy. Not a chance in hell I replace my 60" HDTV for a new HDTV that gives me access to iTunes.
I would take Gene Munster's predictions with many huge grains of salt. He's almost never right when it comes to major new products from Apple.
+Randy W. Weeks It will probably have more features than that though. iOS apps, AirPlay streaming, maybe iOS gaming and some more.
I don't want to see a TV from Apple. I don't understand this goal that every manufacturer is working for, this goal to integrate as many services as possible into a monitor.

What I want is the best monitor possible that can provide great colors, smooth animations, a real black color and some displayports and HDMI connections.

Then I want to be able to connect what ever unit I want to it. Computer, DVD, Bluray, cable box, satellite box, htpc, phone or media extender (Boxee box or Apple TV) - you name it.

So for my part I would rather see Apple updating the Apple TV device they have today (I got a ATV 2 today) with new features.

Today my TV is going out the door and a projector is going in.
I don't watch broadcasted TV and there for don't have a need for a classic TV with a tuner anymore.
+Jonathan Larsson Yes I'll agree that the Apple TV device they already had could be better because you can connect it to any TV you already got.
The support behind the product could be interesting. I mean it's bad enough trying to take a 27" iMac back to a Apple retail store these days, especially with car parking often a long way from the store, what will the returns procedure for a large unit like this entail I wonder?
I have never, ever found an Apple product of the iGeneration to be worth its premium 'glam' price due to a better user experience. From my first mp3 player to my second laptop, I've bought many things (mostly necessities) that were hundreds of dollars (even up to a thousand) cheaper and offered a user experience that was perfect. For me anyway.
+Nicholas Rumas yeah but most thinks the other way round :) Apple makes great products with high user value, that's a fact.
+Nicholas Rumas I understand what you mean. I thought so too before I bought my Macbook pro.

2009 I was looking for a high end laptop that I could use everyday for everything including some games (I played WoW, World of Warcraft, a lot). At that time I had owned several computers, both laptops and towers running different versions of Windows and Linux distributions.

I went to shops checking out HP, Sony, Lenovo, Dell etc and read several reviews and comments online. Sadly I never found one that didn't have a flaw. The flaws was many, plastic bodyshells, keyboards swinging up and down if you pressed the keys in the middle, screen that had terrible viewing angles, heavy weight etc.

At the same time my brother had used up one Macbook and was now using Imac, Macbook pro and Iphone and he was always so positive towards the brand. The downsides I saw was the price and the lack of game support.
I did know that WoW had support for OSX so I ordered one Macbook Pro with 4 GB memory and I thought I had thrown a lot of money away.

Today 2011, the same Macbook pro is still my main computer at home. It's still as fast and I have never had one single problem with it. I have never had a Windows laptop that have run three years as good as this one has done. Including upgrading the OS to a newer version.

I'm sorry for this very long post +Stefan Svartling - now to my point.

During these three year the most positive thing about Apple products haven't been the machines themselves, but the interactions between them and the simplicity of using them together

I rather pay more and sometimes even to much to get another Apple products that I will now will work perfect interacting with my other Apple products and that will share my data out of the box without me spending hours configuring it.

If you compare one Apple product with another brand I can almost guarantee that you find something more pricy. But when you combine them together with homesharing, icloud, itunes etc you will have problem finding a solution that is more pricy and simple.
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