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Maybe. Good point. I think Windows on ARM tablets could actually succeed.
WOA sounds like what you might tell a horse when you want it to stop, but it’s also the working acronym for Windows on ARM, which Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky recently detailed in a revealing blog post...
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I was wondering, will it be possible to install current .exe programs on WOA? If so, then I think WOA tablets will definitely rival the iPad.
+Jon Sanders Almost certainly not. Trying to run Intel machine code would be fantastically slow if it worked at all. At the very least people will need to recompile their applications for ARM.
+Mike Miller Thought that might be the case. Wishful thinking on my part I guess. I don't imagine developer are to thrilled about this.
Windows 8 tablets will share metro apps with Windows 8 desktop computers though.
Really wish that they put "Guest contributor Rob Enderle" at the top and not down the bottom - I'll take that article with a grain of salt.
Microsoft would have had a very good chance in the business segment due to their Windows monopoly, but the recent consumerisation of corporate IT is quickly eating away at that advantage to the benefit of Apple (and probably others) - just ask RIM. So unless the device is vastly superior in some way (and probably cheaper), it is going to be a tough sell for Microsoft and Co.

Re: The Consumerisation of Corporate IT:
Microsoft confirmed no .exe on Windows Tablets (ARM). Only javascript apps. Windows ARM tablets can't beat iPad.
I don't think they are doing the distinction correctly. The approach of Win VS Win NT is rather antiquated. I think if you want a more moden comparison it looks more like:

x86 - PC
Arm - Tablet

And of course both will be tied into the WinPhone. I for one cannot wait to see the Win Tablet. having used both an iPad and Android Tablets I have found them either severely lacking in features(iPAD) or having a less that great user experience (Android). Both drove me back to using my Android Phone and Win Laptop. I'm willing to bet the the Win Tablets will pull me back in though.
+Michael Dubnik out of curiosity, what features did you feel the iPad lack? Compared to the android. 
The only thing the iPad needs is more RAM actually. Everything else it already got. Of course it would be nice if we got a better screen, but it's not necessary.
+Tiago Loureiro afaik they will support a few of the core Office apps native on Arm. That would be the compelling factor.
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